Old Sun Warrior

Class Skills: A sun warrior adds Intimidate to her list of class skills and removes Handle Animal from her list of class skills.

Casting: A sun warrior must choose Charisma as her casting ability modifier.

Magic Talents: A sun warrior must choose the Light sphere with the magic talent she gains at first level, unless she already possesses the Light sphere.

Solar Brilliance: A sun warrior gains the Glory talent as a bonus talent, and uses her class level as her caster level on glows benefiting from Glory. This stacks normally with caster levels gained from other sources. In addition, she may choose whether or not any (light) talents she applies to a glow placed on herself affect her.

This replaces resist magic.

Solar Radiance: Whenever a sun warrior would gain a mystic combat ability or bonus combat feat, she may select one of the following solar radiance abilities instead.

  • Expanded Glory: When you create bright light with the Glory talent, you can shed bright light in a 10 ft. radius instead of a 5 ft. radius.
  • Flickering Glory: When you would apply the effects of a (light) talent from a glow placed upon yourself or your equipment, you may choose not to affect any number of creatures within the area of the glow.
  • Light Focus: Gain an additional talent from the Light sphere. You may take this solar radiance multiple times, gaining a different talent from the Light sphere each time you select it.
  • Reflected Light: You may project the effects of your light onto other people. Whenever a glow benefitting from your Glory talent applies a (light) effect, you may choose to treat a target within the radius of bright light shed by your Glory as the target of the glow rather than yourself for the purposes of the (light) effect that turn.
  • Searing Presence: (Requires the Searing Light talent) As a free action you may apply the Searing Light talent to the radius of bright light shed by your Glory, regardless of whether you have applied any other (light) talents to the same glow. You may also choose to remove the effects of Searing Light from your Glory with a free action. Even if you cause the glow effect to shed bright light in a larger area, Searing Light applied in this manner only affects the smaller radius of bright light created by Glory.
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