Old Surreal Feats

Surreal feats are feats that use or rely upon the irrational and unpredictable substance known as shadowstuff. All surreal feats are spell-like abilities that are treated as (figment, shadow) illusions for the purposes of interacting with other effects. Characters with the Shadow Infusion talent or the create reality class feature may spend spell points in place of shadow points to activate abilities granted by surreal feats.

The first time you gain a surreal feat you also gain a shadow pool as the fey adept class feature, except it only contains a number of shadow points equal to the total number of surreal feats you possess. This stacks with any other shadow points.

Emulation Expert (Surreal)

Prerequisites: Manipulate Aura and either Shadow Magic or create reality.

Benefit: When using the Shadow Magic feat or create reality class feature to duplicate effects from another sphere, you may spend a shadow point to treat the effect as both from the Illusion sphere and the sphere it is mimicking. This allows you to apply bonuses from items, class features, talents or feats that benefit that sphere as well as the Illusion sphere.

This feat does not allow you to apply the caster level bonus from staves for two different spheres.

For example, when using create reality or Shadow Magic to produce a destructive blast, you may apply Destruction talents you possess and apply the caster level bonus from either a staff of Destruction or Illusion, apply bonus damage from elementalist energy specialization class feature and treat both your fey adept and elementalist levels as full caster levels for calculating the caster level.

Gather Shadowstuff (Surreal)

Prerequisites: Shadowmark

Benefit: In place of spending a shadow point you may use shadowmark as a full-round action.

Scathing Shadowmark (Surreal)

Prerequisites: Shadowmark.

Benefit: Your shadowmark causes an additional -1 penalty to Will saves that stacks with the normal penalty caused by shadowmark.

Once per round as a free action, you may spend a shadow point to increase the Will save penalty of all creatures currently suffering from your shadowmark by an additional -1 for one round.

Shadow Magic (Surreal)

Prerequisites: Illusion sphere and either Shadow Infusion or a shadow pool.

Benefit: You may mimic other spheres of magic by shaping shadowstuff. As a free action, you may spend 1 shadow point to grant yourself the benefit of any one magic sphere or talent you don’t possess from the following list: Alteration, Conjuration, Creation, Dark, Death, Destruction, Enhancement, Light, Nature, Protection or Weather sphere until the beginning of your next turn.

For every 5 surreal feats you possess, you may grant yourself an additional talent from the chosen sphere. You must still meet any prerequisites that the talents possess. When gaining multiple talents with this feat, you may use a talent gained this way as a prerequisite for other gained talents. Any sphere talents or abilities gained from this feat are cast as if from the Illusion sphere and possess the shadow descriptor. The effective caster level of effects created using this feat is equal to your caster level in the Illusion sphere -2 (minimum 1). You may not have more than one sphere effect active at a time from the spheres granted from this feat. A second use of this feat immediately ends the duration of the previous use.

Shadow magic, by its nature, has a very real effect even if disbelieved, although usually a reduced one. Shadow magic is a descriptor applied to abilities such as create reality or the Shadow Infusion talent. Unless stated otherwise, objects created as shadow illusions are made of shadowstuff (stable), and creatures have 1/5th their normal hit points.

Shadowstuff Armament (Combat) (Surreal)

Benefit: You may, as a free action, spend a shadow point to create and instantaneously equip any weapon, piece of ammunition, light armor, or light shield you are proficient with out of stable shadowstuff. This object dissipates one round after you are no longer in contact with it or if you use this feat a second time. You may spend a move action in place of a shadow point to activate this feat. Creating ammunition using this feat may be done as part of the same action required to load a weapon instead of a move action without having to spend a shadow point.

Special: You may create an additional simultaneous object with a single use of this feat per 5 character levels.

Errata: This feat only allows for the creation of non-magical equipment.

Shadow Shield (Surreal)

Benefit: You may, as a swift action, spend a shadow point to create a protective layer of shadowstuff around a creature or object within 25 ft. + 5 ft. per 2 character level. This grants 1d4 temporary hit points for every character level you possess. Any creature that has at least 1 temporary hit point granted by your shadow shield also gains damage reduction 1/-. This damage reduction improves by an additional 1 per 5 character levels you possess. These temporary hit points last 1 minute and stack with all other temporary hit points except those granted by this feat.

Shadow Shield, Improved (Surreal)

Prerequisites: Shadow Shield.

Benefit: Improve the temporary hit points granted by your shadow shield to 1d4+1 per character level. Instead of providing DR/-, the shadow shield reduces all hit point damage from all sources by the same amount.

Shadowy Reach (Surreal)

Prerequisites: Shadowmark.

Benefit: Increase the range of your shadowmark ability to Medium range. This feat may be taken twice. If taken a second time, increase the range from Medium to Long. In addition, you may spend a shadow point to double the range of your shadowmark.

Shadowy Slay (Surreal)

Benefit: Any time you deal damage to a creature from an illusion source you may spend a shadow point to allow the creature to be briefly attacked through its shadow. Any attack made against the target may resolve as a touch attack. This effect lasts 1 minute or until the creature is hit by a touch attack.

Surreal Strike (Surreal)

Benefit: You gain shadowmark as the fey adept class feature, but use your character level -4 (minimum 1) as your fey adept level for the purposes of determining damage and Will save penalties.

Violent Shadow (Surreal)

Prerequisites: Shadowmark 3d6, shadow pool.

Benefit: You may spend a shadow point as a full-round action to make a single attack with your shadowmark. Rather than a ranged touch attack, treat your shadowmark as a melee touch attack with a 10-ft. reach. Regardless of if your attack hits or not, you may make attacks of opportunity as melee touch attacks with a 10-ft. reach with your shadowmark without additional expenditure of points from your shadow pool until the beginning of your next turn. If you have multiple attacks from high base attack bonus or effects such as haste you can (as part of the full-round action) make as many attacks with your violent shadow as your base attack bonus allows.

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