Old Teamwork Feats

Teamwork feats are special in that they generally require at least two characters to know them in order to take effect, although some classes have abilities that make them easier to use.

Cooperative Mind (Teamwork)

Prerequisites: Must have been subject to the Fusion advanced talent, 5th character level or higher.

Benefit: When under the effects of the Fusion advanced talent with another creature that possesses this feat, you may act together more efficiently. You may choose to cooperate, allowing each creature to use the body to take a standard action. This consumes the amalgamated body’s full round action, but leaves each mind with their normal move and swift actions. This allows both creatures to supply verbal or somatic spell components, allows either creature to make attacks of opportunity, grants each creature access to combat feats known by the other, and allows the you to choose which mind is targeted by effects requiring a Will save until the start of your next turn.

Cooperative Reanimate (Teamwork)

Undead you and your allies create resonate with each of your souls.

Prerequisites: Death sphere.

Benefit: You may give simple commands to undead under the control of an ally who also possesses this feat; if they receive conflicting orders, they act under their controller’s orders. In addition, if at any time you would fall unconscious or be dropped to 0 hit points or less, you may choose to transfer any undead you have control over to another ally with this teamwork feat for 1 minute (or their normal maximum duration, whichever is shorter). Transferred undead may be returned to their owner during this time period as a move action, but can never be transferred to a third ally. After the duration expires, they count towards your ally’s maximum Hit Dice total of undead they can have reanimated at once instead of yours.

Cumulative Nimbus (teamwork)

Prerequisites: At least one (shroud), magic skill bonus 5 or higher.

Benefit: When a creature is under the effect of shrouds produced by multiple casters with this feat, any saving throws against one of these shrouds is made against the highest DC of any such shroud. Shrouds produced by casters without this feat are unaffected and other shrouds cannot use their DC.

Twilight Adept (Teamwork)

Prerequisite: Dark or Light sphere.

Benefit: Your Dark sphere talents or abilities continue to function in areas where you or someone else with the Twilight Adept feat cast a Light sphere talent or ability. Your Light sphere talents or abilities continue to function in areas where you or you or someone else with the Twilight Adept feat cast a Dark sphere talent or ability. The MSD to dispel a Light or Dark sphere effect overlapping in this way is increased by +2. You may choose to have your Dark and Light sphere talents or abilities interact normally if you wish. The light level in overlapping areas defaults to the ambient lighting conditions.

Normal: If a Light sphere effect interacts with a darkness effect (such as from the Dark sphere), the creator of the Light sphere effect must pass a magic skill check against the creator of the darkness effect.

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