Old Unseen Horror

Lurking Forces (Su): At 4th level, an unseen horror summons an unseen force that lurks around him, and is capable of giving it mental commands as a free action. This force is an invisible, mindless entity that can perform simple tasks anywhere within 20 ft + 5 ft per 5 class levels of the unseen horror, such as lifting or moving items, opening doors, or lightly tapping someone on the shoulder. It can perform only one activity at a time, but may repeat an activity if desired. It has an effective strength score of 2, allowing it to lift 20 pounds and drag 100 pounds, moving any object it carries up to 30 ft per round. It can trigger traps and similar devices, if its strength is adequate to do so. It can’t perform any task that requires a skill check with a DC higher than 10 and is considered untrained in all skills. It cannot attack in any way, but also cannot be killed or destroyed, though it ceases to exist if you die, only reappearing if you are resurrected in some manner.

In addition, you gain one unseen augmentation listed below.

This ability replaces the thaumaturge bonus feat at level 4.

Unseen Augmentations: When you would gain a thaumaturge bonus feat at levels 8, 12, 16, and 20, you may choose to gain one of the following unseen augmentations instead. You can only select any given unseen augmentation once.

Flicker of Intelligence

Your unseen force gains a skill point for each level of thaumaturge you possess, which may be invested into Craft, Disable Device, Perform, or Sleight of Hand, allowing it to perform relevant tasks with a bonus equal to its rank in that skill. Its ability modifiers are 0 for the purposes of these skills, and it has no class skills. However, it can perform skill checks with DCs higher than 10 if it has at least one skill point invested in that skill, and is considered trained in those skills

Forceful Presence

Your unseen force now has an effective Strength score of 10. It can use the Aid Another action to assist you or an adjacent creature with making any Strength check or Strength based skill check, and always succeeds on its Aid Another roll for such purposes.

Hungering Maw

Your unseen force can wrap itself around objects and swallow them, making them inaccessible until you command it to produce them. Items swallowed this way count against its carrying capacity normally, and it cannot store more than its heavy load this way. Your unseen force must pick up an unattended item before it can swallow it. Picking up an unattended item and swallowing it, or producing a swallowed item again takes it a full turn to perform. If you perish, all items swallowed this way appear in your square.

Reaching Fingers

Add 10 ft to your unseen force’s reach. In addition, it can slip through the thin cracks, reaching under doors and through keyholes without hampering its ability to perform tasks, though you still need to direct its actions appropriately.

Serpentine Coils

You can use your unseen force as a rope with a length equal to its reach. While in this form, your unseen force has hit points equal to your level, and hardness equal to your casting ability modifier. It can be broken with a Strength check (DC 20 + your casting ability modifier) or if used to tie up a creature, escaped with an Escape Artist check (DC 20 + half your thaumaturge level + your casting ability modifier). It may automatically attach or release itself from any location within its reach suitable for a grappling hook. If broken or cut, your unseen force instantly reforms in your square, but cannot assume rope form until your next turn.

Twin Forces

You gain a second unseen force that is identical to the first, gaining any benefits from other unseen augmentations.

Umbral Ink

Your unseen force can silently etch smoking black lettering onto a surface as if it had a quill and an infinite supply of ink. It can create a transcript of any conversation you understand, or accurately copy images, patterns, or writing that you can see or that is adequately described to you. In addition, it can write on abnormal surfaces such as liquid or even in midair, though such writing only lasts a single round or until disturbed by motion before evaporating.

In addition, it can use the Linguistics skill to create forgeries (but not any other purpose) untrained with a bonus equal to your thaumaturge level, and can reach a DC higher than 10 with such a check.

Whispering Wraith

Your unseen force can make sounds issue anywhere within its reach, and can mimic sounds you have heard. A listener may make a Sense Motive check (DC 10 + your thaumaturge level) to recognize the mimicry, though they suffer a -4 penalty if they are not familiar with the person or type of sounds mimicked.

Your unseen force has a maximum volume equal to one normal human per thaumaturge level you possess.

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