Old Wandslinger

Class Skills: The wandslinger loses Knowledge (engineering) as a class skill and gains Spellcraft and Use Magic Device.

Tools of Destruction: The wandslinger may create and use wands keyed to the Destruction sphere as if he possessed that sphere, the Craft Wand feat, and a caster level equal to his class level. He may not use this ability to create wands with a caster level higher than his class level. He may use the ability modifier he uses to determine Grit capacity as his casting ability modifier.

In addition, the wandslinger begins play with a battered wand keyed to the Destruction sphere – this wand has a caster level of 2 and functions only for the wandslinger.

For the purposes of all gunslinger class features, a wandslinger treats wands as one-handed firearms.

This ability replaces gunsmith.

Gritty Activation (Ex): A wandslinger may recharge wands by expending a grit point in place of a spell point. In addition, once per round when casting a Destructive Blast from a wand, a wandslinger may expend 1 grit point in place of one of the wand’s spell points. At 11th level he may use this ability twice per round.

This ability replaces quick clear and expert loading.

Steady Aim (Ex): At 1st level, as long as a wandslinger has at least 1 grit point, he can take a move-equivalent action or spend a grit point to increase the accuracy of a wand of the Destruction sphere. When he does, he increases the range of the destructive blast by 5 feet per class level. This stacks with other abilities that increase his range increment.

This replaces deadeye.

Wand Training (Ex): Starting at 5th level, a wandslinger gains a bonus equal to his Dexterity modifier on damage rolls with Destructive Blasts cast from wands, and may use his class level in place of the wand’s caster level when determining the save DC of any Destructive Blast he casts from a wand.

At 9th level whenever the wandslinger casts a spell from a wand he may increase its caster level by +1, even if it is not keyed to the Destruction sphere. This increases by an additional +1 for every 4 class levels after 9th to a maximum of +3 at 17th level.

This ability replaces gun training.

Dead Blast (Ex): At 7th level a wandslinger gains the Destruction talent Gather Energy, even if he does not meet the prerequisites. He may apply this talent to Destructive Blasts cast from wands as if they contained that talent.

This ability replaces dead shot.

Two-Wand Fighting (Ex): At 11th level a wandslinger may activate two wands as a full-round action, one in each hand, as long as their combined caster levels (before wand training) do not exceed his class level.

This ability replaces lightning reload.

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