Old Wardmage

Mystic Warding (Su): The wardmage may create a mystical connection between herself and up two allies called a mystic ward. It takes one minute to create or change this connection, during which the wardmage must touch the target. A mystic ward lasts 24 hours.

When an enemy she can see attacks a mystically warded ally with an attack that requires an attack roll, the wardmage may intercept that enemy as an immediate action. When the wardmage intercepts an enemy, they make an attack with a weapon or natural weapon, if able. This can be a ranged attack, but it will draw attacks of opportunity if it is. If the wardmage hits, the enemy receives a penalty to their attacks equal to her casting ability modifier until the end of the current turn. This is in addition to the normal damage and effects of the attack. The choice to intercept must be made before the attack is rolled. Spells and supernatural abilities can trigger an interception, but only if they require an attack roll. Intercepting a sphere ability does not disrupt the ability, it just causes it to miss.

This replaces the magic talent gained at 1st level.

Virtues: The strength of the mystic ward is modified by the wardmage’s virtues. The wardmage receives one virtue at 1st level and an additional virtue every 4 wardmage levels beyond that. She may choose from the following virtues:

  • Charity: All allies are considered warded while they remain adjacent to the wardmage.
  • Courage: Whenever she uses an immediate action to make an intercepting attack, the wardmage may move up to 20 ft. closer to the enemy before the attack as part of the same action. This movement does not draw attacks of opportunity.
  • Decisiveness (requires Destruction sphere): Whenever she uses an immediate action to make an intercepting attack, the wardmage may spend a spell point to use a destructive blast as her intercepting attack. She may use any blast that she can normally use as a standard action, except that she may not apply a blast shape to the blast. Using this ability does not provoke attacks of opportunity, but it will still draw attacks of opportunity if used as a ranged attack.
  • Dedication: As a standard action, the wardmage can prepare to perform her duty multiple times. Until the beginning of her next turn, she may make an unlimited number of intercepting attacks as free actions outside of her turn. Each enemy may only be attacked once this way.
  • Devotion: When the wardmage makes an intercepting attack, she may automatically confirm any critical hit, and on a critical hit the enemy must make a Fortitude save with a DC equal to 10 + 1/2 the wardmage’s class level + her casting ability modifier or be dazed until the end of it’s next turn.
  • Discipline: Once per round, when an enemy attacks a mystically warded ally, the wardmage may make an intercepting attack as a free action, even if it is not her turn.
  • Majesty (requires Warp sphere): When using an immediate action to make an intercepting attack, the wardmage may spend a spell point to use her teleport ability of the Warp sphere to teleport adjacent to the enemy. The maximum range of this teleport is 5 ft per caster level.
  • Reliability: When the wardmage makes an intercepting attack with a ranged attack, she can make ranged attacks at the enemy without taking the standard –4 penalty on her attack roll if they are engaged in melee, and she ignores the AC bonus granted to targets by cover. In addition, she may draw a small or medium weapon as part of the action, or reload a weapon that can normally be reloaded as a free action.
  • Righteousness: When the wardmage makes an intercepting attack against an enemy, she deals bonus damage equal to her class level.
  • Sacrifice: When the wardmage intercepts an attack against an adjacent ally, she may move into that ally’s square while moving them into a square now adjacent to them as part of the interception. This causes the intercepted attack to be redirected to the wardmage.
  • Selflessness: The wardmage may have up to 3 of her allies warded at the same time.
  • Vigilance (requires War sphere): The wardmage may rally mystically warded allies. When she uses an immediate action to intercept an enemy attacking a warded ally, she may rally that ally as part of the same action. The rally occurs after the intercepting attack resolves, and occurs whether or not the attack hits.

This replaces resist magic.

Mark of Warding (Su): At 7th level, a wardmage who successfully deals damage with a weapon or natural attack to a target may, as a swift action, leave a magical mark on that target. When a marked enemy attacks an ally other than the wardmage, she may intercept them as if the target were mystically warded, even if they are not. This mark lasts for 1 round per class level, or until the wardmage marks someone else.

This replaces marked.

Self Defense (Su): At 11th level, a wardmage is prepared for the attacks of enemies she has intercepted. Whenever the wardmage successfully intercepts an enemy, she receives damage reduction equal to half her class level until the beginning of her next turn against attacks made by that target.

This replaces mystic defense.

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