Old Warlock
Spheres of Power: Expanded Options
Magic Talents: A warlock only gains 1 magic talent every level.

This modifies the incanter’s usual magic talents.

Advisor: A warlock gains a familiar at 1st level, treating his incanter level as his wizard level for this purpose.

Possession (Su): At 3rd level, a warlock may enact a ritual as a full-round action that invites the power of his patron to flood his body. For a number of rounds equal to his incanter level, the incanter gains a +2 inherent bonus to one ability score of his choice. This does not increase the warlock’s spell pool if his casting ability modifier is increased, and hit points gained as the result of an increase to Constitution are treated similarly to a barbarian’s increase in Constitution. The warlock may enact this ritual once per day, plus an additional time for every 4 levels gained beyond 3rd.

At 7th level, the inherent bonus increases to +4, and the ritual may be enacted as a standard action.

At 11th level, the warlock gains a bonus to two ability scores instead of one, and the ritual may be enacted as a move action.

At 15th level, the inherent bonuses increase to +6, and the ritual may be enacted as a swift action.

At 19th level, the warlock gains these bonuses to three ability scores instead of two, and the ritual may be enacted as a free action.

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