Old Witch Hexes

The following are new Witch Hexes.

Chilling Touch (Ex) (requires Death sphere)

Any undead you create with the Death sphere can deliver sphere abilities and hexes that require melee touch attacks for you. This works the same way as it would for a familiar.

Entropy (Su)

The witch targets a creature within 30 ft., causing a ripple in the universe to surround them. The affected creature is harmed by positive and negative energy, and healed by neither. This effect lasts for a number of minutes equal to the witch’s level. A Reflex save negates this effect.

Festering Wounds (Su)

A witch can use this hex to curse a creature within 30 ft., causing their wounds to fester evilly. Any hit points the creature regains using a magical ability are reduced by the witch’s level. This effect lasts for a number of minutes equal to the witch’s level. A Will save negates this effect. Whether or not the save is successful, a creature cannot be the target of this hex again for 1 day.

Frightening Illusion (requires Illusion sphere)

You may spend a spell point as a swift action to create a frightening illusion that lasts momentarily. You may make an Intimidate check to demoralize all foes within 30 ft. of the illusion.

Nocturnal (Ex) (requires Dark sphere)

While in any area that has only dim light or is darker you have fast healing 1. This ability can only heal you up to half your normal maximum hit points; any excess healing is lost. In addition, any melds you create work on yourself in the same areas without needing to be within an area of your darkness.

Subtle Influence (Su)

Choose any eliciter emotion. You may use the first ability of the emotion using your class level as your Eliciter level, and using your casting ability modifier in place of your Charisma.

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