Old Word Witch

Words have power. A simple but deep truth learned well by but a few, be they a simple bard singing in a town corner or a mighty king speaking to his court, the right words spoken in the right ears can change the world. But these are words that were created by mere mortals, vague ideas given crude form. But there are other words, older words, words that helped shape Creation when it was first wrought into being. This is the language of the gods themselves, and even knowing just a few words of it can grant great power. One who walks this path is the Word Witch, and when they speak, Creation itself listens.

Casting Ability Modifier: A word witch uses Intelligence as her casting ability modifier and for all class features instead of Charisma.

Creation Magic: At 1st level a word witch gains the Creation sphere as a bonus magic talent. If she already has the Creation sphere, then she may select a Creation bonus talent instead.

This ability replaces fey magic.

Creation Mastery: Whenever a word witch ceases concentration on an object she has created and is maintaining through concentration or if she decides not to maintain the object at all after its creation, that object remains for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 her word witch level (minimum 1) before disappearing. This ability replaces master illusionist.

Words of Creation: Word witches gain a limited ability to utilize words of creation. With this power, the word witch can create effects by conjuring forth physical manifestations of the words that describe them.

The word witch gains a pool of word points equal to her Intelligence modifier + 1/2 her word witch level (minimum 1). Unless otherwise noted, the saving throw DC for a word of power is equal to 10 + 1/2 the word witch’s level + her Intelligence modifier. A word witch may spend word points to create any of the following effects as a standard action.

Fire: The word witch may spend a word point to create a set of flaming letters at 1st level and an additional set for every two caster levels she has beyond 1st, whose size and damage grow as she gains more levels. These letters may be launched altogether at a single target as a ranged touch attack at close range that deals 1d6 points of fire damage.

If successful, the target must make a Reflex save to avoid catching on fire. This deals an additional 1d6 points of fire damage for every 2 levels beyond 1st (to a maximum of 10d6 at 19th level). Alternatively, you may fire each set at a separate target, each requiring a ranged touch attack to hit and dealing 1d3 points of fire damage, plus an additional 1d3 points of fire damage for every 2 levels beyond 1st (to a maximum of 10d3 at 19th level). When used in this way, targets are not at risk of catching fire and never take damage from more than one letter.

Ice: The word witch may conjure frozen pillars which quickly fly toward the target and attempt to trap them. The word witch must make a grapple combat maneuver check against the target, using her Intelligence modifier in place of her Strength modifier and her caster level in place of her base attack bonus, additionally, she uses the maximum size she may create in place of her size for determining her size bonus on this attack. If successful, the target becomes grappled and must make a Fortitude save each round or take 1 point of Dexterity damage as long as they remain grappled. The ice maintains the grapple every round (but never makes any action other than to maintain the grapple) for a number of rounds equal to your CAM plus 1/2 your caster level. At 7th level the word witch gains the benefits of Improved Grapple when using this ability. At 13th level she gains the benefits of Greater Grapple and may make a single attempt to Pin the target as a free action if the initial grapple is successful.

Iron: The word witch conjures 1 metal bar for every 3 caster levels she possesses (minimum 1) that launch themselves at enemies or objects. Each bar may be hurled at a target as a ranged touch attack and each deals 1d6 bludgeoning damage at 1st level and an additional 1d6 damage at 5th and every 4 levels thereafter. When striking a creature, she makes a bull rush attempt using her caster level as her base attack bonus, her Intelligence modifier in place of her Strength modifier, and gaining a size bonus fitting for the maximum size she can create with the Creation sphere. When striking an object, iron may make a Strength check using the word witch’s Intelligence modifier and gaining a size bonus fitting for the maximum size she can create with the Creation sphere at her caster level to break that object. Regardless of whether she is targeting a creature or object, every bar beyond the first that targets the same entity grants a +3 bonus to the combat maneuver check or Strength check instead of an additional combat maneuver or Strength check.

Earth: The word witch creates a series of stone shapes which slam into the ground at a target location within close range. All creatures within a 10 ft. radius of the target location must make a Reflex save or fall prone as the stones smash into the ground with enough force to cause it to shake.

Wind: The word witch conjures a whirlwind burst of air. This word creates a severe blast of air (approximately 50 mph) that originates from the word witch, affecting all creatures in a 60 ft. line and persists for a number of rounds equal to her caster level. All flying creatures in this area take a –4 penalty on Fly skill checks. Tiny or smaller flying creatures must make a DC 25 Fly skill check or be blown back 2d6 × 10 ft. and take 2d6 points of damage. Small or smaller flying creatures must make a DC 20 Fly skill check to move against the force of the wind.

A Tiny or smaller creature on the ground is knocked down and rolled 1d4 × 10 ft., taking 1d4 points of nonlethal damage per 10 feet.

Small creatures are knocked prone by the force of the wind.

Medium or smaller creatures are unable to move forward against the force of the wind unless they succeed at a DC 15 Strength check.

Large or larger creatures may move normally within a gust of wind effect.

This effect can’t move a creature beyond the limit of its range.

Any creature, regardless of size, takes a –4 penalty on ranged attacks and Perception checks in the area of Word of Power: Wind.

The force of the wind automatically extinguishes candles, torches, and similar unprotected flames. It causes protected flames, such as those in lanterns, to dance wildly and has a 50% chance to extinguish those lights. In addition to the effects noted, a Word of Power: Wind can do anything that a sudden blast of wind would be expected to do. It can create a stinging spray of sand or dust, fan a large fire, overturn delicate awnings or hangings, heel over a small boat, and blow gases or vapors to the edge of its range.

Lightning: At 3rd level, the word witch gains access to a new Word. She may create arcing letters that dance with electricity before shooting out. All creatures within a 30 ft. cone take 2d6 points of electricity damage (Reflex half), and an additional 1d6 for every odd level beyond 3rd to a maximum of 10d6 points of damage at 19th level. Targets wearing metal armor or who are primarily made of metal take a -3 penalty to this Reflex save.

Life: At 6th level, the word witch can imbue her creations with a semblance of life. By spending a word point in conjunction with any create effect, the object is affected as if by Animate Object, treating your word witch level as your caster level in the Enhancement sphere. This effect lasts for as long as the word witch concentrates to maintain the creation or for up to 1 minute per level if she spends an additional spell point.

Silver: At 6th level, the word witch’s magical vocabulary grows. She may now conjure sharp, silvery characters that seem fluid before they break apart into a barrage of needles. This deals 1d6 piercing damage for every odd word witch level in a 30 ft. cone (Reflex half). This damage is considered silver for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

Additionally, the word witch may instead target up to 6 creatures. These creatures take on a silvery, metallic sheen and their natural and manufactured weapons are treated as silver for up to 1 minute per level.

Adamantine: At 12th level, the word witch learns how to call upon the ultimate metal. She may create adamantine by spending 1 word point in conjunction with any non-instantaneous duration create effect.

In addition, she may spend two word points to turn a target creature into a dangerous living weapon. This grants the target a +6 enhancement bonus to Strength, damage reduction 10/adamantine, and a single simple or martial weapon of her choice made of adamantine with an enhancement bonus of +4 (this bonus increases to +5 at 15th level) for 1 round per caster level. While in this form, the target’s speed is reduced as if they were wearing full plate and suffers a -4 penalty to Dexterity.

This ability replaces shadowstuff.

Permanent Creation: At level 20, the word witch can make one of her creations permanent. She may select any object she has conjured through the create ability and increase its duration to permanent. Only one creation can be made permanent in this way at one time. If another creation is designated as permanent, the previous creation expires.

This ability replaces permanent illusion.

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