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Many publishers have released small supplements for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, from new class options to esoteric feats and more. This page serves as a general repository for such options. If there's something you enjoy, you can Support the Publishers by purchasing a copy of the product from websites like DriveThruRPG.com or Paizo.com.

Kineticist Options

Sources: Kineticists of Porphyra I-IV, Legendary Kineticists I-II


-Legendary Kineticist
-Kinetic Mystic (Prestige Class)
-Kineticist Variant Multiclass


-Aberrant Kineticist
-Artistic Summoner
-Awakened (Bloodrager)
-Bestial Kineticist (Ani. Comp.)
-Cerebral Kineticist
-Corpse Puppeteer
-Dimensional Ripper
-Divine Conduit
-Dragon Pact Kineticist
-Dread Soul
-Elemental Avatar
-Elemental Brethren
-Elemental Scion
-Energy Roper
-Evoker Minstrel (Bard)
-Fusion Kineticist
-Hex Kineticist
-Kinetic Duelist
-Kinetic Lancer
-Metakinetic Savant
-Onslaught Blaster
-Order of the Scion (Cavalier)
-Planar Custodian (Druid)
-Planestouched Oracle (Oracle)
-Surge Fist Monk (U. Monk)
-Telekinetic Bladeshifter
-True Psychic
-War Kineticist

Class Options:

-Simple Blasts
-Composite Blasts
-Elemental Defenses
-Infusion Wild Talents
-Utility Wild Talents
-Elemental Mutations

-Kineticist Feats
-Kinetic Spells


-Kineticist Magical Items

Schools of Dark Magic

-Dark Schools

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