Pact Magic

Pact Magic

Pact Magic is a system by Radiance House that focuses on making contracts with spirits that can provide a variety of benefits to their partners. The centerpiece of this system is the Pactmaker class, but Radiance House has also provided options for many of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game's classes, as well as a number of spells, feats, and other options to help further customize characters.

Note that under the terms of the OGL, this site cannot provide the stories of the spirits. For that information, as well as some gorgeous artwork and other game material not available here, get the Grimoire of Lost Souls.

Pact Magic Classes


Pact Magic Class Options

-Alchemist (Occult Chemist, Solar Orchid Sage) | PM Alchemist Discoveries
-Antipaladin (Pactsworn Champion, Shadow Templar)
-Arcanist (Occult Exploiter) | PM Arcanist Exploits
-Barbarian (Suicide Soldier, Totemic Sage) | PM Rage Powers
-Bard (Soul Muse) | PM Bardic Masterpieces
-Bloodrager (Bloodravager, Bloodsworn Binder) | PM Bloodrager Bloodlines
-Brawler (Occult Bruiser)
-Cavalier (Pactsworn Knight) | PM Cavalier Orders
-Cleric (Occult Priest) | PM Cleric Options
-Druid (Nightfang Servant, Pactsworn Pagan)
-Fighter (Warbinder)
-Gunslinger (Occult Avenger)
-Hunter (Pactsworn Hunter)
-Inquisitor (Occult Abolisher, Occult Sadist, Pact Protector) | PM Inquisitor Inquisitions
-Investigator (Occult Investigator) | PM Investigator Talents
-Magus (Pactsworn Magus)
-Monk (Empyrean Friar)
-Monk, Unchained (Unchained Empyrean Friar) | PM Ki Powers
-Ninja (Fringe Binder)
-Oracle (Occult Medium) | PM Oracle Mystery
-Paladin (Pactsworn Champion, Shadow Templar) | PM Paladin Oath
-Ranger (Foe Reaper)
-Rogue (Fringe Binder) | PM Rogue Talents
-Samurai (Pactsworn Knight)
-Shaman (Occult Shaman) | PM Shaman Options
-Skald (Herald of the Legion, Soul Screamer)
-Slayer (Pactsworn Assassin, Pactbane Slayer) | PM Slayer Talents
-Sorcerer (Seal-Bound Sorcerer) | PM Sorcerer Bloodlines
-Summoner (Spirit Caller) | PM Eidolon Evolutions
-Swashbuckler (Esoteric Dilettante)
-Warpriest (Occult Scourer, Pactsworn Warpriest) | PM Warpriest Blessing
-Witch (Weird Witch) | PM Witch Options
-Wizard (Soul Weaver (Pact Magic)) | PM Arcane Schools

Prestige Classes

-Divine Exorcist
-Greensprout Rapscallion
-Ravage Binder
-Undying Soul

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