Pactsworn Hunter (Hunter Archetype)

Diminished Spellcasting: A pactsworn hunter possesses 1 fewer spell per day at each spell level. A pactsworn hunter who would receive 0 spells per day only receives bonus spells earned at that level as a result of a high Wisdom score.

Bind Spirit: A pactsworn hunter may seal pacts with otherworldly entities known as spirits. In order to summon a spirit, the pactsworn hunter must learn the spirit’s ceremony, constellation, personality, and seal by completing its four Knowledge Tasks; see Researching the Spirit for more information on this process. A pactsworn hunter begins play having completed all four Knowledge Tasks for one 1st-level spirit of her choice that isn’t restricted to her (see restricted binding).

Each day, a pactsworn hunter may bind one spirit to her soul using pact magic; see Performing a Pact Ritual. The spirit’s level may not exceed the pactsworn hunter’s maximum spirit level, which is limited to 1st-level spirits at 1st level. At 4th level and every three hunter levels thereafter, the pactsworn hunter’s maximum spirit level increases by 1, to a maximum of 6th-level spirits at 16th level.

A pactsworn hunter possesses a binder level equal to her level. The DC to resist a pactsworn hunter’s supernatural powers is equal to 10 + 1/2 the pactsworn hunter’s level + the pactsworn hunter’s Charisma modifier.

This ability replaces animal focus.

Restricted Binding: At 1st level, a pactsworn hunter may only seal pacts with spirits that possess a vestigial companion ability, and this vestigial companion ability must function as either an animal companion or a vermin companion. Class doesn’t matter when determining if a pactsworn hunter can seal a pact with a spirit; the vestigial companion ability may function as a druid or ranger’s animal companion, a cavalier or paladin’s mount, and so on. In addition, a pactsworn hunter cannot gain the vestigial bond ability of spirits that she seals a pact with and she does not gain granted abilities from any spirit that she seals a pact with that are replaced by her spirit’s vestigial companion ability. For instance, if the pactsworn hunter seals a pact with Aza’zati, she does not gain the smaller is better granted ability because Aza’zati’s vestigial companion ability replaces smaller is better.

Spirit Companion: At 1st level, a pactsworn hunter gains a loyal animal that serves as her spirit companion. A hunter may choose any Animal, Magical Beast, or Vermin that can serve as a druid’s animal companion or vermin companion or as a wizard’s familiar to be her spirit companion. The spirit companion gains all of the benefits of being the pactsworn hunter’s animal companion, but it calculates its base Intelligence score as if it were a familiar, using the pactsworn hunter’s level as her effective wizard level to determine the spirit companion’s base Intelligence score.

This ability alters animal companion.

Infuse Spirit Companion: Beginning at 1st level, a pactsworn hunter shares additional occult power with her spirit companion, increasing its combat effectiveness. If the pactsworn hunter’s spirit companion is Small or smaller, her spirit companion can change its size to Medium as a swift action, gaining a +2 bonus to Strength that stacks with the normal Strength adjustments for increasing in size, as detailed under the polymorph subtype in Chapter 9 of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook. She can use this ability for a number of minutes per day equal to her hunter level (minimum 1).

This size increase stacks with size increases gained from obtaining additional Hit Dice, but not with size increases gained from magical effects, such as the animal growth spell. At 7th level, the pactsworn hunter’s spirit companion can change its size to Large as a swift action if it is Medium or smaller. At 13th level, the pactsworn hunter’s spirit companion can change its size to Huge as a swift action if it is Large or smaller.

This ability replaces wild empathy.

Animal Focus (Su): A pactsworn hunter gains this class feature at 8th level.

This ability replaces second animal focus.

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