Papyrukineticist (Kineticist Archetype)
The City of 7 Seraphs
Ink-Stained & Invisible Hand (Su): A papyrukineticist may only use wild talents she possesses with the [aether] descriptor to affect objects made of, connected to, or composed primarily of paper, parchment, ink or other printed material; likewise, she may only Gather Power if she is in an area wherein books are present (such as a small library carried with her). A papyrukineticist may only use her basic telekinesis wild talent to manipulate or move books, ink and other printed material, and she may only use the kinetic healer wild talent to heal creatures (such as inkflesh initiate creatures) composed primarily of paper, ink or text; likewise, she may only use foe throw, pushing infusion, self telekinesis or touchsight if her target is holding, clothed-in or composed-of books, ink or printed material.

In addition, the force ward defense wild talent of a papyrukineticist always manifests as a floating “halo” of pages and books, which orbit around her; these objects fall harmlessly to the ground again if she dismisses her force ward as an immediate action. A papyrukineticist must have ready access to a substantial number of books in order to use this ability, usually 100 gp worth of reading material per character level.

The Library Moves (Su): At 3rd level, the papyrukineticist may accept a point of burn as a standard action to use lesser object possession or make whole as a spell-like ability.

The Library: All constructs animated by the papyrukineticist through use of this class ability must be composed primarily of paper, ink and other printed material; creatures created in this way gain vulnerability to fire.

Whenever the papyrukineticist uses make whole as a spell-like ability, her effect always replaces the damaged components of her target object or construct with magically-summoned wraps of paper. Any objects repaired by use of this ability which were formerly composed of glass, brick, stone, steel, treated wood or other non-flammable materials thereafter suffer full damage from fire: instead of the normal half damage suffered by objects: and constructs repaired in this way gain vulnerability to fire, as above.

This ability functions as normal upon objects made-of or composed primarily of paper or untreated wood.

Twists of Power and Ink: At 5th level, the papyrukineticist gains the ability to read scrolls and to cast arcane spells from a scroll as if she had a caster level equal to her kineticist class level -4. She can decipher all scrolls, using her Use Magic Device skill in place of Spellcraft, and she does not need to cast read magic in order to decipher a scroll. Furthermore, she gains a +1 bonus to her Intelligence score for purposes of determining the level of spell she can cast from a scroll; this bonus increases by +1 at 10th level and every 5 levels thereafter (to a maximum of +4 at 20th level). The papyrukineticist may choose at any time to accept one point of burn as a free action; if she does so, she adds a +10 bonus to all of her Use Magic Device skill checks until her burn is removed normally.

This ability replaces the Infusion gained at 5th level.

The Greater Library: At 7th level, as a standard action, the papyrukineticist may accept two points of burn to use object possession (usable only upon objects constructed at least partially of paper, ink and other printed material).

At 9th level, the papyrukineticist may additionally accept three points of burn to use animate objects (see The Library, above) as a standard action or to use quickened make whole (as above) as a swift action.

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