Warriors whose credo is as much a part of them as their flesh and bone, paragons embody universal ideals such as good, evil, law, or chaos, gaining strength and power from by championing their chosen cause.

Alignment: A paragon cannot be true neutral. If a paragon becomes true neutral, she loses all supernatural class features which she possesses and cannot advance as a paragon until her alignment contains at least one component other than neutral (either chaotic, evil, good, or lawful).

Chosen Alignment (Ex): A paragon must select one component of her alignment; this component affects several of her class features. The paragon cannot choose neutral. If the paragon’s alignment changes in such a way that her chosen alignment no longer matches any component of her current alignment, she loses all of her class abilities that rely on her chosen alignment until she spends 24 hours realigning her mindset, at which point she may select a new chosen alignment.

Judging Challenge (Su): If a paragon challenges a creature whose alignment opposes her chosen alignment, the bonuses from her challenge increase by 1. If a paragon challenges a creature whose alignment matches her chosen alignment, her challenge does not deal any additional damage. At 10th level and every ten levels thereafter, the increase to the paragon’s challenge increases by 1 when challenging a creature with an alignment opposed to her chosen alignment.

This ability modifies guardian’s challenge.

Healing Wind (Su): A paragon may use their second wind class feature on an ally as a move action.

This ability modifies second wind.

Unerring Nemesis (Su): At 4th level, a paragon gains a +1 morale bonus to saving throws and their CMD against effects and combat maneuvers which originate from a creature whom she has challenged. At 9th level and every 5 levels afterwards, this bonus increases by +1.

This ability replaces sentinel’s imposition.

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