Phalanx Creature (CR +Varies)

The ritualistic bonds of family, friends, and community have a special power in fantasy worlds. This force births creatures that never seem to need to talk to each other to communicate, can finish each other’s sentences, speak in perfect unison, know what is happening to others of its kind, and they may even share the same mind. Some of these special beings are bonded twins, others are perfectly disciplined troops, and the most frightening of these share a collective consciousness. They are the Phalanx Creatures.

Creating a Phalanx Creature

“Phalanx creature” is an acquired template that can be added to two or more creatures. Phalanx creatures use all the base creatures’ statistics and special abilities except as noted here. Only Phalanx creatures from the same collective gain the benefits of their shared abilities, though they must be on the same plane of existence.

CR: +1 or +2 (true hivemind)

Alignment: Change the creatures’ alignment to that of the majority of its members for both instances of alignment. If the number is balance they creature retains its original alignment.

Special Abilities: A phalanx gains the following special abilities.

Assistance (Ex): Phalanx Creatures gain a +2 bonus to all d20 rolls for every phalanx creature in conjoining adjacent squares (maximum +6).

Coordinated Tactics (Su): The phalanx creatures’ powerful connection allows them to fight effectively as a team. A phalanx creature gains a +2 bonus to its attack rolls for each phalanx creature from its collective that is adjacent to the enemy it attacks (max +6). A phalanx creature’s opponent never receives a cover bonus if another phalanx creature from the collective is present. Phalanx creatures never suffer the penalty for firing into melee if all other target’s opponents are phalanx creatures from their collective.

Telepathic Bond (Ex): Phalanx Creatures can communicate telepathically with any other phalanx creature as long as they are on the same plane.

True Hivemind (Ex): This ability is not possessed by all phalanx creatures, as some collectives chose to maintain individuality. Any phalanx creature collective can choose to surrender this and form a hive mind as a standard action performed by each phalanx creature. A phalanx creature that possess a hive mind, gains a minimum Intelligence of 6. Members of a True Hivemind gain a number of additional special abilities:

  • Shared Mentality: A phalanx creature makes Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma checks along with Will saving throws using the highest bonus possessed by a member of its collective. They can gain the benefit of the assistance ability as well if other creatures spend a standard action to assist the phalanx creature making the attempt, even if they are not adjacent. Some phalanxes have members preparing readied actions to do just this.
  • Shared Life-force: The collective can choose to share some of its hit points as a pool that each member can draw upon rather than each creature having individual hit points. These function as temporary hit points and the amount used by a single individual cannot exceed its normal maximum hit point total, so for example a creature with a maximum of 10 hp could only use 10 hp from the Share Life-force HP pool. Phalanx creatures often set members in hiding on the fringes of a battlefield to supply temporary hit points.

Feats: A Phalanx creature with a True Hivemind can use any feat another member of its collective possess as a bonus feat though he must meet any non-Intelligence, non-Wisdom or non-Charisma based prerequisites.

Skills: Using the telepathic bond a phalanx creature can gain the benefits of any other Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma based skill uses. A phalanx creature with a True Hivemind can also use the ranks of any other phalanx creature that is part of its collective for all other skill checks. Effectively a phalanx creature with a True Hivemind gains the highest skill ranks that any single individual member of its collective can contribute.

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