Planar Custodian (Druid Archetype)

While most druids are tasked with protecting the natural aspects of the Material Plane, a number designate themselves as conduits of the elemental planes, mortal beings brought into the world to guard the gateways into these extraplanar dimensions. Spending time in and around elemental saturations has granted them a semblance of kinetic powers.

Nature Bond (Ex): If the planar custodian selects an animal companion as their nature bond, it must possess the bestial kineticist archetype and select air, earth, fire, water, or wood as its elemental focus (this limitation does not affect a bestial kineticist’s expanded element); they can instead take a plant companion, as the treesingerARG druid archetype’s plant bond, also applying the bestial kineticist archetype. If they select a domain as their nature bond, they must choose from the following: Air, Aquatic, Arctic, Cave, Desert, Earth, Fire, Jungle, Mountain, Plains, Plant, Sun, Swamp, Water, or Weather (subdomains can be selected, although limitations on kinetic blast might be imposed by GM fiat). A planar custodian with Shade of the UskwoodISWG cannot select an animal or plant companion with the fire element or the Desert, Fire, or Sun domains as their nature bond.

This ability alters nature bond.

Planar Domain (Ex): The planar custodian gains the elemental focus class feature of the kineticist class. If they chose a domain as their nature bond, it determines what elements they can select, as well as which simple blast becomes available to them (if that element includes more than one):

  • Air - Air, Plains (air blast), Weather
  • Earth - Badlands, Cave, Desert, Earth, Mountain
  • Fire - Desert, Fire, Sun
  • Water - Aquatic (water blast), Arctic (cold blast), Swamp (water blast), Water, Weather
  • Wood - Jungle, Plant, Plains, Swamp

If they chose an animal companion or plant companion as their nature bond, they instead select the same element as its primary element. If its primary element is associated with more than one simple blast, they must select a different simple blast from that of their companion.

In addition, the planar custodian can treat their class level -2 as kineticist levels to meet the prerequisites of feats.

This ability replaces wild empathy.

Languages: The planar custodian gains a bonus language depending upon their primary element: air gains Auran, earth gains Terran, fire gains Ignan, water gains Aquan, and wood gains Sylvan. This is in addition to Druidic and any other bonus languages they gain through their race, Intelligence modifier, or ranks in Linguistics.

Planar Blast (Sp): The planar custodian can gather the energy of their primary element into a kinetic blast, fueled in part by their magic. They use the kinetic blast learned through their planar domain class feature at will as if from a 1st level kineticist, adding their Wisdom modifier in place of their Constitution modifier. In addition, they can sacrifice a prepared druid spell as part of using their kinetic blast; doing so treats their kineticist level as 1 + twice the level of the spell sacrificed to determine the kinetic blast’s damage. 0th-level spells cannot be sacrificed in this manner.

This ability replaces spontaneous casting.

Elemental Warding: At 2nd level, the planar custodian gains their primary element’s defense wild talent. Starting at 6th level, they can consume a use of their wild shape ability as a full-round action to treat their defense wild talent as if they’d accepted 2 points of burn to improve it until they have a full night’s rest.

This ability replaces woodland stride and venom immunity. If the planar custodian has chosen the Badlands domain as their nature bond, this replaces wasteland stride and venom immunity instead.

Planar Talent (Ex): At 4th level, the planar custodian can choose a single 1st level infusion wild talent to which their kinetic blast is associated. At 8th level and every 2 levels thereafter (up to 18th), they can choose to replace gaining an additional use of their wild shape ability with learning a new infusion, treating their druid level -2 as their kineticist level to determine which infusions they can select and using their Wisdom modifier instead of their Constitution modifier to determine the DCs and Constitution-dependent effects of their wild talents.

They can apply an infusion to their blast by treating it as coming from a kineticist two levels lower for each point of burn it would normally cost, reducing the infusion’s cost to 0 in the process. If this would lower their effective kineticist level to 0 or lower for that blast, they cannot use the kinetic blast.

A planar custodian with Shade of the Uskwood can never learn fire wild talents (even those associated with different elements; this does not affect universal wild talents). This ability replaces the use of wild shape at 4th level.

Elemental Shape (Su): At 6th level the planar custodian gains the ability to use their wild shape ability once per day, plus an additional time per day for each 2 planar custodian levels they possess (up to 7 times at 18th level). However, they are limited in what they can shapeshift into depending upon their elemental focus.

At 6th level, a planar custodian who has chosen air, earth, fire, or water gains the ability to change into a Small elemental of their type as per elemental body I. At 8th they can become a Medium elemental as per elemental body II, at 10th level they can become a Large elemental as per elemental body III, and at 12th level they can become a Huge elemental as per elemental body IV.

At 6th level, a planar custodian who has chosen wood gains the ability to change into a Small plant as per plant shape I (but not Medium). At 8th they can become a Medium plant as per plant shape I, at 10th level they can become a Large plant as per plant shape II, and at 12th level they can become a Huge plant as per plant shape III.

The planar custodian does not qualify for the Planar Wild ShapeUC feat, and treats their effective druid level as their planar custodian level -2 to qualify for feats which require both druid levels and the wild shape class feature.

This ability alters, but otherwise functions as and counts as wild shape.

Planar Gift (Sp): At 20th level, the planar custodian treats each infusion they possess as costing 1 less point of burn, and they can use their wild shape an additional 3 times per day.

This replaces the ability to use wild shape at will.

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