Pact Magic Alchemist Discoveries

The following discoveries may be selected by any alchemist who meets their prerequisites. Discoveries marked with an asterisk (*) modify the bomb class feature and do not stack. Only one such discovery may be applied to an individual bomb.

Alchemical Reincarnation

An alchemist that selects this discovery adds reincarnate to his alchemist formulae list as a 4th-level spell and to his formulae book. The alchemist can inject a reincarnate extract into a living creature as part of a 24-hour surgical procedure that allows him to physically alter the creature into any 0 HD race by spending 3,000 gp. Alternatively, he can alter the creature into a race of his own design, choosing its appearance and abilities using the rules found in Chapter 4 of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Race Guide. The creature’s racial abilities are subject to GM approval and doing so increases the cost of this procedure by an amount of gp equal to the number of RP of the creature’s new form squared, times 250 gp. The alchemist must be at least 10th level and possess the infusion discovery in order to select this discovery.

Expelling Bomb*

When the alchemist creates a bomb, he can choose to have it produce a dismiss pact spirits† effect instead of deal damage. Creatures that take a direct hit from a dispelling bomb are subjected to this spell, using the alchemist’s level as the caster level. The alchemist must be at least 8th level in order to select this discovery.

Occult Formulae

An alchemist who selects this discovery adds all sorcerer/wizard spells with the occult descriptor of 6th level and lower to his alchemist formulae list as spells of their sorcerer/wizard spell level. Additionally, the alchemist immediately adds two such spells of an extract level that he can create to his formulae book.

Occult Suppressant

Whenever an alchemist with this talent creates an extract or a mutagen, he can mix a spirit-suppressing agent into the concoction in order to suppress all effects relating to any spirits that the imbibing creature is bound to for the extract or mutagen’s duration, to a maximum of 1 hour per alchemist level. The alchemist must possess the Amateur Pactmaker† feat or the bind spirit class feature in order to select this discovery.

Oiled Extract

An alchemist with this discovery can apply his extracts onto other creatures via touch, allowing him to treat them as spells in oil form or in potion form, whichever suits him best. For such extracts, the alchemist “casts” the extract by smearing it onto his hands, allowing him to deliver the oil onto another creature via a melee touch attack. If the target is willing, the alchemist doesn’t need to make a melee touch attack to deliver the extract. The alchemist must possess the infusion discoveryAPG in order to select this discovery.

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