Pact Magic Arcane Schools

Focused Arcane Schools

The following focused arcane schools allow a wizard to specialize in a specific area of magical study. All focused arcane schools adhere to the guidelines presented in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Player’s Guide.

Aging School

Associated School: Necromancy.

Replacement Powers: The following school powers replace the power over undead and grave touch powers of the necromancy school.

Age Shift (Su)

As part of a 1-hour ritual, you can alter your age as if you had cast threefold aspectAPG.

Unlike the spell, changing your aspect requires another 1-hour ritual, though the effect lasts for 24 hours or until it is canceled. At 11th level, you may use this ability on a number of additional willing targets at once equal to your Intelligence modifier. All participants must be present during your ritual and every participant becomes the same target age. At 20th level, you never need to perform this ritual upon yourself and you may shift through your aspects as a swift action. You must still perform the ritual to grant this benefit to your allies.

Aging Touch (Sp)

As a standard action you can make a touch attack against a living creature. If it hits, the creature is immediately aged forward, suffering a 1d6 penalty to Strength for 1 round per wizard level you possess. This penalty does not stack. This ability is an aging effect. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier.

Occult School

Associated School: Universal.

Replacement Powers: The following school power replaces the hand of the apprentice power of the universalist school.

Amateur Pactmaker

At 1st level, you gain Amateur Pactmaker† as a bonus feat.

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