Pact Magic Armor Abilities
Grimoire of Lost Souls

The following are new special abilities that can be added to enchanted armor, following the rules in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook.


A guarded suit of armor or shield reacts to the paranoid musings of pact spirits, increasing its defenses against such foes, similar to a bane weapon’s excelling against certain foes. Against creatures that are considered to be the favored enemy of any spirits that the wearer is bound to, the item’s enhancement bonus to AC is +2 better than its actual bonus and provides DR 2/– against attacks from that foe. This increase in enhancement bonus applies only to the armor or shield’s enhancement bonus, not to temporary bonuses (such as the magic vestment spell).

Strong occult; BL 14th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, protection from spirits†; Price +2 bonus


A suit of monomorphic armor stabilizes the wearer’s body, preventing its form from being altered. The wearer gains a circumstance bonus on saving throws against polymorph spells and effects equal to the armor’s enhancement bonus and the wearer must make a saving throw against all polymorph spells that target her. If the wearer uses a supernatural ability that alters its form, such as change shape or the wild shape class feature, then using that ability while wearing a suit of monomorphic armor provokes attacks of opportunity because of the effort needed to bypass the armor’s magic.

Moderate transmutation; CL 8th; Craft Wondrous Items, true form; Cost +1 bonus.

Pact Augmenting

A suit of pact augmenting armor enhances the effects that pactmaker powers have on the wearer’s defenses. If the wearer possesses the pact augmentation class feature, any bonuses to AC, saving throws, or on initiative checks from pact augmentation are increased by half the armor’s enhancement bonus.

Strong occult; CL 16th; Craft Arms and Armor, bolster binding†; Cost +2 bonus.

Pact Warding

A suit of pact warding armor is designed to protect its wearer from the weird influences of the occult, but its enchantments are equally effective against more commonly encountered supernatural abilities. The wearer adds the armor’s enhancement bonus to his saving throws against supernatural abilities.

Strong occult; CL 16th; Craft Arms and Armor, protection from the supernatural†; Cost +4 bonus.


A suit of planeswalking armor constantly shifts between a multitude of designs and colors while twinkling stars blink in and out of view. While wearing a suit of planeswalking armor, the wearer is immune to the harmful effects of any plane of existence that you travel to that is not your native plane, functioning as planar adaptationAPG. In addition, once per day the wearer can command the planeswalking armor to transport it to a different plane of existence, as plane shift.

Strong conjuration; CL 14th; Craft Arms and Armor, temporal stasis; Cost +3 bonus.

Temporal Grounding

A temporal grounding suit of armor keeps its wearer firmly grounded in the ebb and flow of time, granting immunity to aging effects and effects that alter the flow of time for the wearer, such as haste, slow, temporal stasis, and so on. Additionally, a suit of temporal grounding armor is immune to aging effects, such as the damage dealt to objects by sands of time or healing done to objects by flames of youth.

Faint occult; BL 12th; Craft Arms and Armor, temporal stasis; Cost +3 bonus.

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