Pact Magic Staves
Grimoire of Lost Souls

Cyclopean Staff

Aura moderate occult; CL 9th
Slot —; Price 41,400 gp; Weight 5 lbs.
This wooden staff possesses a plant-like bud that conceals an organic eye. When a charge from the staff is spent, the bud opens. The staff allows the use of the following spells:

  • Bolster binding† (1 charge)
  • Comprehend languages (1 charge)
  • Daze (1 charge)
  • Detect pact spirits† (1 charge)
  • Bind spirit I† (2 charges)
  • Dismiss pact spirit† (2 charges)

Requirements Craft Staff, bolster binding†, bind spirit I†, comprehend languages, daze, detect pact spirits†, dismiss pact spirits†; Cost 20,700 gp.

Staff of Spirit Binding

Aura strong occult; BL 17th
Price 68,400 gp; Weight 5 lbs.
Despite smooth and polished to the touch, this ebon staff does not reflect light; instead, stars twinkle across its surface as smoky faces press themselves against its innards as though it were a glass window to the Spirit Realm itself. The staff allows the use of the following spells.

  • bind spirit I† (1 charge)
  • bind spirit II† (2 charges)
  • bind spirit III† (4 charges)
  • bolster binding† (2 charges)
  • draw seal† (1 charge)

In addition, a character with the bind spirit class feature or the Amateur Pactmaker feat can spend 1 charge from the staff as a free action while bound to a spirit to reduce the number of rounds that the spirit’s major granted ability is expended for by 1. This ability cannot be used if none of the spirit’s granted abilities are expended.
Construction Requirements
Craft Staff, bind spirit III†, bolster binding†, creator must possess the Amateur Pactmaker feat or the bind spirit class feature; Cost 34,200.

Time Twister Staff

Aura strong necromancy; CL 17th
Slot —; Price 163,800 gp; Weight 5 lbs.
This staff is constructed from an ancient, gnarled root that is juxtaposed with vivid, green shoots that sprout from the staff. The staff allows the use of the following spells.

  • Flames of youth† (1 charge)
  • Sands of time† (1 charge)
  • Haste (2 charges)
  • Slow (2 charges)
  • Alter age† (4 charges)
  • Temporal stasis (4 charges)
  • Siphon sands† (8 charges)

In addition, when the staff is used to cast siphon sands, you can choose to increase the number of charges within the staff by 1 instead of altering your age category or granting yourself an inherent bonus to an ability score, restoring up to 3 charges each time the spell is cast.
Construction Requirements
Craft Staff, alter age, flames of youth, haste, sands of time, siphon age, slow, temporal stasis; Cost 81,900 gp.

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