Pact Magic Witch Options


Witch Hexes

The following new hexes are available to witches who meet their prerequisites, if any.

Binder Secret (Ex)

The witch receives a binder secret of her choice, using her witch level as her effective pactmaker level when attempting to meet the binder secret’s prerequisites. A witch can select this hex once at 1st level, plus one additional time at 6th level and every four witch levels thereafter. A witch must possess either Amateur Pactmaker† or the bind spirit class feature in order to select this hex.

Death Curse (Su)

At the start of each day after preparing her spells, the witch can select 1 witch spell that she has prepared to transform into her death curse. If she selects a spell, it is expended as if she had cast it. If the witch is slain at any point during the day, her body transforms into a nonliving, inanimate object (such as a rock or statue) of the same size and becomes trapped, as glyph of warding, except the glyph’s maximum spell level is equal to the highest level of spell that the witch could cast. Unlike a glyph of warding, the witch’s death curse resets after 1 minute a number of times per day equal to her Intelligence modifier (minimum 0). Effectively, the witch’s death curse can be triggered a number of times per day equal to her Intelligence modifier. Each night at sundown, the number of times per day that this death curse can trigger resets to its full maximum. Remove curse can remove a death curse and if the witch is returned to life, the curse is likewise lifted.

Major Witch Hexes

The following hexes are available to witches who are able to select major hexes.

Idealized Age (Su)

The witch can shift herself between three idealized age categories, as threefold aspect except the witch does not adjust her ability scores and can remain in each form indefinitely.

Malefic Pox (Su)

The witch can bestow a terrible pox upon one target within 30 feet. The target contacts a random minor pact malady (see page 368) unless it succeeds on a Will save. Whether or not the save is successful, a creature cannot be the target of this hex again for 1 day.

Mirage Home (Su)

The witch can cloak her home with warding magic that makes it impossible to find. Any area that the witch designates to be her “home,” as described by the hidden home hexUM, can’t be located by any effect that is less powerful than a discern location spell. This also applies to creatures within the hidden home. At 15th level, the entire area is protected from scrying effects (though not mundane snooping) like a mage’s private sanctum.

Grand Witch Hexes

The following hexes are available to witches who are able to select grand hexes.

Grand Malefic Pox (Su)

This functions as the malefic pox hex, except the target contacts a major pact malady of the witch’s choosing. A witch must have the malefic pox hex before selecting this hex.

Occult Patrons

The following patrons are available to witches, although they are most commonly associated with witches who associate themselves with pact magic.

  • Angel: 1st–sanctuary, 2nd–compassionate allyUM, 3rd–prayer, 4th–spiritual allyAPG, 5th–cleanseAPG, 6th–serenityUM, 7th–joyful raptureUM, 8th–euphoric tranquilityAPG, 9th–wish
  • Beast: 1st–call animalAPG, 2nd–animal aspectUC, 3rd–beast shape I, 4th–cape of waspsUM, 5th–baleful polymorph, 6th–beast shape IV, 7th–greater polymorph, 8th–animal shapes, 9th–shapechange
  • Dark Beyond: 1st–ray of enfeeblement, 2nd–twisted spaceUC, 3rd–deeper darkness, 4th–black tentacles, 5th–suffocationAPG, 6th–conjure black puddingUM, 7th–reverse gravity, 8th–orb of the voidUM, 9th–interplanetary teleportUM
  • Dragon: 1st–burning hands, 2nd–elemental touchAPG, 3rd–draconic reservoirAPG, 4th–dragon’s breathAPG, 5th–fire snakeAPG, 6th–form of the dragon I, 7th–form of the dragon II, 8th–form of the dragon III, 9th–meteor swarm
  • Fiend: 1st–protection from good, 2nd–scorching ray, 3rd–wrathful mantleAPG, 4th–aura of doomUM, 5th–dismissal, 6th–planar binding, 7th–blasphemy, 8th–unholy aura, 9th–meteor swarm
  • Hero: 1st–moment of greatnessUC, 2nd–shield other, 3rd–heroism, 4th–freedom of movement, 5th–spell resistance, 6th–heroes’ feast, 7th–mage’s sword, 8th–binding, 9th–heroic invocationUC
  • Mage: 1st–magic missile, 2nd–blur, 3rd–arcane sight, 4th–dimension door, 5th–mage’s faithful hound, 6th–mage’s lubrication, 7th–mage’s magnificent mansion, 8th–clone, 9th–mage’s disjunction
  • Noble: 1st–moment of greatness, 2nd–eagle’s splendor, 3rd–contingent actionACG, 4th–glibness, 5th–greater command, 6th– repulsion, 7th–mage’s magnificent mansion, 8th–binding, 9th–overwhelming presence
  • Scholar: 1st–heightened awarenessACG, 2nd–share language, 3rd–blood biography, 4th–lesser simulacrum, 5th–false vision, 6th–battlemind link, 7th–circle of clarityUM, 8th–protection from spells, 9th–wish
  • Seer: 1st–true strike, 2nd–obscure object, 3rd–borrow fortune, 4th–contingent scrollACG, 5th–false vision, 6th–mislead, 7th–phantasmal revengeAPG, 8th–screen, 9th–wish
  • Skull: 1st–phantom bloodACG, 2nd–ghoul touch, 3rd–animate dead, 4th–shadow projectionAPG, 5th–vampiric shadow shieldACG, 6th–undead anatomy III†, 7th–finger of death, 8th–create greater undead, 9th–energy drain
  • Thief: 1st–disguise self, 2nd–knock, 3rd–gaseous form, 4th–jester’s jauntAPG, 5th–seeming, 6th–getawayAPG, 7th–ethereal jaunt, 8th–screen, 9th–time stop
  • Tree: 1st–shillelagh, 2nd–barkskin, 3rd–burst of nettlesUM, 4th–arboreal hammerUM, 5th–tree stride, 6th–liveoak, 7th–animate plants, 8th–control plants, 9th–wooden phalanxUM
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