Poker Card Equivalence Table

Table: Hearts Equivalence

Card Classic Portent Name Deathdealer Portent Name Portent Power Level
Two of Hearts The Aegis The Antibody Least
Three of Hearts The Avenger The Boils Least
Four of Hearts The Bull The Burden Least
Five of Hearts The Charmed The Carrier Least
Six of Hearts The Crone The Cauterization Least
Seven of Hearts The Dice The Doom Least
Eight of Hearts The Expert The Festering Least
Nine of Hearts The Fatespin The Fever Least
Ten of Hearts Guilt The Grave Least
Jack of Hearts The Hex The Hunger Least
Queen of Hearts The Hero Immunity Least
King of Hearts The Maiden The Mad Alchemist Least
Ace of Hearts The Trial The Tether Lesser

Table: Diamonds Equivalence

Card Classic Portent Name Deathdealer Portent Name Portent Power Level
Two of Diamonds The Manacles The Madness Least
Three of Diamonds The Mountebank The Malady Least
Four of Diamonds The Necromancer The Mortician Least
Five of Diamonds The Needles The Nosferatu Least
Six of Diamonds The Poultice The Panic Least
Seven of Diamonds The Pox The Pustules Least
Eight of Diamonds The Sanction The Reprieve Least
Nine of Diamonds The Spark The Terror Least
Ten of Diamonds The Transfusion Timidity Least
Jack of Diamonds The Undeterred The Tolling Bell Least
Queen of Diamonds The Whispers The Vaccine Least
King of Diamonds The Wild The Wager Least
Ace of Diamonds Vigilance The Undertaker Lesser

Table: Clubs Equivalence

Card Classic Portent Name Deathdealer Portent Name Portent Power Level
Two of Clubs The Alchemist The Bones Lesser
Three of Clubs The Comrades The Deathrattle Lesser
Four of Clubs The Conflagration The Defiance Lesser
Five of Clubs The Dampening The Harvest Lesser
Six of Clubs The Edict The Infested Lesser
Seven of Clubs The Equilibrium The Leper Lesser
Eight of Clubs The Klutz The Mad Apothecary Lesser
Nine of Clubs The Poles The Polarity Lesser
Ten of Clubs The Sanitarium The Pyre Lesser
Jack of Clubs The Shock The Recursion Lesser
Queen of Clubs The Tourniquet The Scythe Lesser
King of Clubs The Transmutation Spite Lesser
Ace of Clubs The Trial The Tether Lesser

Table: Spades Equivalence

Card Classic Portent Name Deathdealer Portent Name Portent Power Level
Two of Spades The Accident The Apocalypse Greater
Three of Spades The Charge The Convergence Greater
Four of Spades Conformity Hysteria Greater
Five of Spades The Cycle The Mass Grave Greater
Six of Spades Deception The Outbreak Greater
Seven of Spades The Downfall The Pendulum's Descent Greater
Eight of Spades The Future The Plague Greater
Nine of Spades The Glory The Purgation Greater
Ten of Spades Hope The Revenant Greater
Jack of Spades The Link Rigor Mortis Greater
Queen of Spades The Paragon The Sleeper Greater
King of Spades The Presence The Swindler Greater
Ace of Spades The Prism The Theft Greater

Table: Joker Equivalence

Card Classic Portent Name Deathdealer Portent Name Portent Power Level
Monochrome Joker The Ward The Undoing Greater
Color Joker The Withering The Wraith Greater

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