Primordial dancers do not speak with nature, for the nature they revere is so elemental, so primal, that there is no sapient entity with which they can commune. The patrons of druids, animists, and others are products of these primal forces, and not the primal forces themselves. One of the most telling observations one can make, then, is that the very idea of life, of an entity that makes copies of itself and interacts with the world around it, is one of these primal, ultimately voiceless, forces. Primalists are specialist primordial dancers who find this observation to be so intriguing that further understanding its implications becomes the basis of their entire career.

Primalists have the following class features:

Dance Specialization (Ex): A primalist begins play with only one dance (rather than two), and cannot learn the rhythm of life dance. She increases the daily duration of all of her life dances by +1 round.

This ability modifies dances.

Endless Rhythm (Su): At 1st level, a primalist learns the basics of the most elemental expressions of life. Each morning when she replenishes the daily duration of her dances, she may choose to create a Small elemental of one of the following types: air, earth, fire, or water. This elemental obeys the primalist's commands as though it were a summoned creature, but is not considered a summoned creature for the simple reason that she created this being from scratch. Whenever the primalist creates a new elemental in this manner, any previously-created elemental loses cohesion and is destroyed.

Starting at 5th level, a primalist may create Medium elementals. This increases to Large elementals at 9th level, Huge elementals at 13th level, and elder elementals at 17th level.

Dancing Elements (Su): At 5th level, whenever a primalist creates an elemental with the endless rhythm class feature, she may teach that elemental a single dance she knows. The elemental gains the ability to perform that dance as though it had a primordial dancer level equal to half its master's primalist level, rounded down, save that it can only perform that dance for 3 rounds per day. The primalist cannot perform the taught dance while her elemental is actively performing it, and vice versa.

At 9th level and every four levels thereafter, the primalist's created elemental may dance for an additional 2 rounds per day, to a maximum of 9 rounds per day at 17th level.

This ability replaces from sea to mountain.

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