Quachil Uttaus
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Quachil Uttaus

CR 17; XP 102,400
NE Great Old One of dust, immortality, and the passage of time
Primary Source Clark Ashton Smith, “Treader of the Dust”


Domains Death, Destruction, Evil, Madness
Subdomains Catastrophe, Insanity, Nightmare, Undead
Favored Weapon dagger
Symbol handful of dust
Temple abandoned buildings
Worshipers those who seek immortality
Servitors none

Influence Stage 1 (DC 24)

Area 100-foot radius; Nucleus 5 square feet
AC 31; Saves +20; hp 240
Effects apathy, deterioration, hidden nucleus, reactive ruination, touch of dust
Escalation After 2d6 weeks have passed, Quachil Uttaus’s influence escalates to stage 2.

Influence Stage 2 (DC 27)

CR 20; XP 307,200
Area 1,000-foot radius; Nucleus 5 square feet
AC 36; Saves +22; hp 370
Effects apathy, deterioration, hidden nucleus, reactive ruination, touch of dust
Escalation After 1d6 months have passed, Quachil Uttaus’s influence escalates to stage 3.

Influence Stage 3 (DC 29)

CR 23; XP 819,200
Area 1-mile radius; Nucleus 5 square feet
AC 40; Saves +24; hp 480
Effects apathy, deterioration, hidden nucleus, reactive ruination, touch of dust


Combat Quachil Uttaus’s influence can be ended by damage. The influence ends automatically once no living or undead creature remains active in the area of its influence or a month has passed, whichever comes first.

Influence Effects

Apathy Upon first exposure to Quachil Uttaus’s influence, a living or undead creature must make a successful Will saving throw to avoid being overcome with apathy. For a living creature, this is a mind-affecting effect—if the creature fails its saving throw, it will not voluntarily leave the area of influence, but it does not resist being led out of the area by others. For an undead creature, this is a curse effect—a failed saving throw indicates that the creature becomes spiritually anchored to the area, and cannot voluntarily travel outside of the area of influence.

A creature must make a new saving throw to resist this apathy every time it re-enters the area of influence, and once every 24 hours that it remains within the area of influence. If a creature fails this saving throw when it is within 30 feet of the influence’s nucleus, it is rendered immobile and can take no actions. In such a case, Quachil Uttaus’s touch of dust will soon render a dreadful fate.

Deterioration Once a day, all living creatures that have spent the previous 24 hours within the area of influence take 1d4 points of Constitution damage and all undead creatures that spent that time within the area take 1d4 points of Charisma damage as their bodies, minds, and souls age or weather away as if many years have passed. A successful Fortitude save negates this effect. This is an aging effect.

Hidden Nucleus When Quachil Uttaus’s influence settles over a region, its nucleus does not manifest at the center of that area. Instead, it manifests at some point chosen by Quachil Uttaus (typically in a well-hidden area). Even then, the nucleus remains obscured from sight, as if by greater invisibility (CL 17th). Once removed, this invisibility does not return. Quachil Uttaus itself cannot move its nucleus, but if a short magical incantation is performed (requiring a successful DC 15 Spellcraft check to correctly repeat), Quachil Uttaus immediately relocates to the location where that ritual was spoken and descends in a shaft of gray moonlight to touch the creature who spoke the ritual. The ritual speaker cannot avoid this touch (see Touch of Dust, below). Summoning Quachil Uttaus in this way allows its presence to be attacked directly.

Note that while this incantation is simple to recite once learned, the precise words that must be spoken are well hidden and have a strange habit of changing each time Quachil Uttaus is summoned. The effort required to learn the incantation should consist of a significant adventure in and of itself, pitting the PCs in a race against time as Quachil Uttaus’s influence continues to slowly degrade the region it is hidden within.

Reactive Ruination Whenever a creature uses a weapon to damage Quachil Uttaus’s nucleus, the creature must make a successful Fortitude save or the weapon immediately gains the broken condition. A broken weapon instead becomes destroyed, as if centuries had passed and the weapon had crumbled to fragments.

Touch of Dust At the start of any round when there is a living or undead creature within 30 feet of the area’s nucleus (or immediately upon the incantation’s performance—see hidden nucleus, above), Quachil Uttaus’s nucleus moves at a fly speed of 30 to touch a target before returning immediately to its starting position. The target it approaches to touch is randomly selected, unless it does so as a result of its summoning incantation being performed, in which case it moves to touch a randomly selected target among those who spoke its incantation. The touch automatically hits the target. The creature touched must make a successful Fortitude save to resist gaining 3d6 negative levels, with a successful Fortitude save reducing this to a mere 1d4 negative levels. A creature whose negative levels equal or exceed its total Hit Dice crumbles to dust. A creature slain in this manner may only be resurrected via miracle, true resurrection, or wish, and even then only if the caster makes a successful DC 30 caster level check. An undead creature touched by Quachil Uttaus instead takes 2d6 points of Charisma damage on a failed Fortitude save. If an undead creature’s Charisma damage from this effect reduces its Charisma to 0, it is destroyed. At Quachil Uttaus’s option, its touch can instead grant immortality to a living creature, but the circumstances in which the Great Old One deigns to make this choice are impossible for mortals to predict (and are thus subject to the GM’s discretion). This is an aging effect.

Quachil Uttaus, called the “Treader of the Dust,” has great power but lacks a cult and seemingly has no purpose other than oblivion. Others say it is naught but a violent demon.

It is difficult to learn more of Quachil Uttaus directly, due in large part to the extremely destructive effects of its presence. Quachil Uttaus can readily be summoned by a simple uttered formula, but if the summoner has the slightest desire for death or annihilation,

Quachil Uttaus will appear and bring about the speaker’s oblivion. Worse, the demon’s presence brings about a terrible haunting, and the area near its initial summoning starts deteriorating unnaturally. Piles of dust appear, dry rot and mildew grow, metal corrodes, and paper turns yellow and brittle. Living beings lose interest in life and age unnaturally fast. This process only ends after days, weeks, or months, when Quachil Uttaus has been summoned elsewhere, to begin its haunting anew. This leaves behind an area of ancient ruins, blackened and dried forests, and blasted heaths.

Since Quachil Uttaus is so obscure, it is common for those in a building, ship, town, or region affected by its malignant influence to be unaware of what is causing the damage. Until the Great Old One’s influence subsides, attempts to repair the damage can achieve no lasting effect, as Quachil Uttaus’s aura continues its vile desecration unabated.

Desecration of Flesh

Though the effects of the entity's presence often seems to mimic aging, this doom is, in fact, direct physical erosion of the body. Quachil Uttaus fades, weakens, and enervates all around it. For example, an elf may have a lifespan of many centuries, but the elf’s hair will become thin and pale, skin wrinkled, and teeth decayed, just as quickly as those of a human subjected to Quachil Uttaus’s influence. Worse, the demon’s presence and active haunting means that those within the area start losing their moral and emotional resistance. They become apathetic, listless, and eventually almost comatose. Even before the Great Old One itself appears, often they cannot bring themselves to do more than sit, paralyzed with horror, as their fate approaches. This is as deadly a weapon as any that the demon wields.

Eventually, perhaps after days or weeks (or maybe only hours), Quachil Uttaus may appear personally and offer a swift demise to any living entities that linger in the area influenced by its evil. This will eventually come to pass if any person in the affected area has the slightest desire for oblivion. Long-lived beings more commonly attract Quachil Uttaus, perhaps because the tedium and repetitive nature of prolonged life inspires a subconscious spark of existential ennui. The nihilistic souls of undead, in particular, are vulnerable to whatever attractions Quachil Uttaus offers.

Quachil Uttaus in Combat

Anyone touched by Quachil Uttaus experiences a vastly increased rate of decay and typically crumbles to dust in a matter of seconds, especially if the victim has been living in an area under its influence. Newcomers may have a better chance to take direct action, if they have not been there for long.

It is hard to injure Quachil Uttaus, because any weapon or spell brought to bear ultimately withers and expires when it nears the Great Old One.

Quachil Uttaus does not distinguish between its summoner and others present, and brings destruction and devastation to all, even should they hate and fear death and annihilation with their whole souls.

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