Not all battle butlers survive their mental conditioning intact. Sometimes it goes wrong and breaks the mind it was meant to tame. “Rapscallions”, as they are called, are the failed servants who are often tossed to the dirty dark world where they must fend for themselves.

Broken Conditioning (Ex): At 1st level, the rapscallion is immune to spells with the emotional descriptor while his service meter is at 0. At 5th level he is immune while he is between 10 and 5 and at 10th level he is always immune regardless of his service meter.

Unlike a battle butler, a rapscallion has no compunctions against harming his master.

This ability replaces mental conditioning.

Ungentlemanly Combat (Ex): Starting at 2nd level a rapscallion’s devious and twisted brain finds wonderful and creative ways to fight in the most uncivilized fashion possible. This might include such vulgar acts as throwing their own excrement, aiming exclusively for their target’s genitals, or forcing themselves to vomit during a grapple. At 2nd level, the rapscallion gains Improved Dirty Trick as a bonus feat. At 4th level he gains Greater Dirty Trick. At 8th level, he adds 1/4th his rapscallion level on all Dirty Trick maneuvers. He only gains these bonus feats and benefits while his service meter is at or below 5 (0 - 5).

This ability replaces gentlemanly combat.

Service: Unlike a battle butler, a rapscallion’s service meter begins empty (at 0) at the beginning of combat and resets to 10 one minute after combat ends. Each time his master, as defined by the master class feature, successfully strikes an enemy’s attack and deals damage as a result this meter is raised by 1 point. Any time his master scores the killing blow on a creature, the rapscallion’s meter is raised 3 points. The rapscallion must have had a hand in killing it (GM is the final arbiter).

Haywire (Ex): At 4th level, whenever his master deals damage to a creature in a way that would cause his service meter to rise by 1 he may instead elect to have it lower it by 1 instead.

This ability replaces restore conditioning

Dance of Chaos (Ex): At 15th level, a rapscallion and his master (or masters) becomes immune to mind affecting effects while his service meter is between 0 and 5 (at 6 or above the immunity does not function). The rapscallion and his master may decide on a case by case basis, as a free action, to allow certain effects though.

This ability replaces prim and proper.

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