The Inventor's Handbook

Gadgeteer: At 1st level, the rigger gains the Tech sphere as a bonus sphere. If he already possesses this sphere, he instead gains a one talent from that sphere.

This replaces trap specialist.

Recharging Gadgets: At 1st level the rigger can expend a single gadget from the gadgets technician class feature as a free action to recharge his charge pool by an amount of charges equal to his practitioner modifier + 1 for every 4 technician levels he possesses.

Jury-Rigged Device: Riggers tend to hold onto more spare parts than are normally contained within an engineering kit, allowing him experiment in the creation of spontaneous inventions. At 1st level, if the rigger spends 30 minutes (or 15 minutes with an engineering kit), he may pick and craft any (gadget) talent that he meets the prerequisites for. Gadgets created in this fashion are referred to as a jury-rigged device. Jury-rigged devices do not count against the maximum number of gadgets that a rigger may have crafted at one time, but a rigger may only have one jury-rigged device prepared at a time. Beginning at 5th level, and every four levels thereafter (9th, 13th, etc.), the rigger may have an additional jury-rigged device prepared at a time.

This replaces the invention gained at 1st level.

Drone Hacker: At 7th level, all uses of the Disable Device skill have their required time decreased by 2 steps instead of 1. The rigger may make a melee touch attack against a construct or technological device (including gadgets created by an enemy) to gain control over the target, causing it to behave as if the rigger had created it, allowing him to modify the target’s commands or active rote functions. This melee touch attack may either be done in place of any of your melee attacks during an attack action or a full-attack action. A successful Will save negates the effect. Control over the target lasts as long as the rigger maintains martial focus.

This replaces trapmaster.

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