Scarlet Sovereignty
The City of 7 Seraphs

Scarlet Sovereignty

LE preeminent organization
Leaders the Council
Values satiety and hunger, maintaining legacies, culling weakness
Nicknames “Bleeds,” “Crowns,” “Drains,” “Goldbites,” and “Oldbloods”
Public Goals to maintain the sanctity of the bloodlines of the city's earliest settlers, to control the vampiric siring process, to help all peoples be of use to society, to keep residents safe from those who engage in Wanton Consumption
Private Goals the cultivation of the bloodlines of the city to feed the most powerful lineages to the greatest of the Blood, to further the will of their progenitor, to control the legacy of the original founders
Allies the Booksealers, Hands of Burden, Blackswords and Frozen Graves. Additionally, they have a nominal alliance with the Everlasting Dawn
Enemies the Ashlords stand against the generational controls of the Sovereignty, while the Children of Dreams elevate common bloodlines to celebrated status; the bad blood with both the House of Prominence and Church of Coin is far more complex and deep-rooted
Membership Requirements trained in Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (history), or Knowledge (religion)
Influence Limitations Each time the adventurers wish to reach a new rank, they must make a breakthrough in planar exploration or art or achieve some task of value to the organization significantly more noteworthy than the last. Succeeding at a special task more frequently than described below still gains you 1 favor (2 PP) but does not advance you toward the next rank of influence (or increase your Fame).

Special Tasks

Secure Feeding Ground (1 Favor/2 Fame) Once every two months, you can increase your Fame score or take a step toward raising your influence with the Scarket Sovereignty by securing a new feeding ground. This is generally a willing participation by a community or its leaders to supply blood to the organization. This requires a successful Diplomacy or Knowledge (religion) check against DC 10 + twice your level.
Control Hunger (1 Favor/2 Fame) Once every two months, you can increase your Fame score or take a step toward raising your influence with the Scarlet Sovereignty by containing or destroying a creature guilty of wanton consumption, unauthorized spawning, or similar lacks of control. Defeating a creature or containing a being that bested a total CR higher than your level satisfies this special task.


Passive Benefits (Fame Awards)

“Acknowledged”—Rank 1 (5 Fame): You are known to be an affiliate of the Scarlet Sovereignty in some circles. When within 100 miles of the city, you earn twice as much as normal from Perform (any) and Profession (guide) checks.
“Peer”—Rank 2 (20 Fame): You gain some notoriety as a representative of the Sovereignty. When dealing with undead who are familiar with the city you gain a +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks.
“Scion”—Rank 3 (35 Fame): You are taught minor blood magic and vampiric powers. You can cast gaseous form, summon monster III, and vampiric touch once per day at your character level. You must consume a vial of preserved ichor or fresh blood if you use these powers or become sickened.
“Crown”—Rank 4 (50 Fame): You become an influential leader of the organization and gain a +4 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks against those familiar with the Scarlet Sovereignty. In addition, you can retrain without expending money or favors (or PP).

Favors (Prestige Awards)

New benefits are marked with an asterisk (*). All other benefits are described in the Mastering Intrigue chapter of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Intrigue or the campaign setting intrigue guide.
Rank 1 (5 Fame, 1 PP): borrow resources (100 gp), case (+15), gather information, sage (history, nobility, or religion +15)
Rank 1 (10 Fame, 2 PP): revenant apotheosis I*, skill specialization (Knowledge [arcana], Knowledge [religion], Perform [oratory])
Rank 2 (20, 5 PP): revenant apotheosis II*, borrow resources (1,000 gp), command team (1 1st-level eclipse or cleric), put in a good word, retrain (locate trainer), secure coffin*
Rank 3 (35 Fame, 2 PP): shadow sepulcher*
Rank 3 (35 Fame, 5 PP): revenant apotheosis III*, borrow resources (5,000 gp), command team (1 4th-level cleric, 1d4 3rd-level eclipses, or 3d4 1st-level revenantsLV), reciprocal benefits
Rank 3 (35 Fame, 15 PP): retrain (no gp cost)
Rank 4 (50 Fame, 25 PP): borrow resources (15,000 gp), command team (1d4 6th-level clerics or eclipses; or 5d4 3rd-level revenantsLV or eclipses), sire*

New Benefits

Revenant Apotheosis (10, 20, or 35 Fame; 2 PP or 5 PP): The Scarlet Sovereignty has deemed you worthy of turning. With GM permission you may retrain a level in a class to a suitable vampiric class such as revenantLV, the vampire racial paragon classICoV, or the like. Alternatively, the character may become a dhampir. Every time this benefit is selected a number of levels up to your current rank may be retrained into a vampire class.

Sire (50 Fame, 25PP): The organization allows you to create progeny by initiating you into its deepest sources you may create greater undead once a day as a spell-like ability. You are held responsible for the actions of those you create.

Hungry Soul (20 Fame; 10 PP): The Scarlet Sovereignty has awakened your soul to the power of hunger. Whenever you deliver a blow that drops a living creature below 0 hit points that has positive-energy affinity, you gain a point of temporary essence. This essence can be burned or invested normally and fade after 24 hours. You may not gain more than a total of your veilweaving modifier or Constitution modifier points of temporary essence per day with this ability.

Secure Coffin (20 Fame, 5 PP): The Scarlet Sovereignty keeps a secure coffin for you under guard in one of the Halls of Blood. While not your “true” coffin, it serves as such if your actual coffin is destroyed. If you are not fully vampiric you may sleep in the coffin to gain the benefits of an attended full night of rest.

Shadow Sepulcher (35 Fame, 2 PP): Once a day by spending 10 minutes you may create a small demiplanar enclosure in which to rest, the shadowstuff of the enclosure counts as your coffin, only you, bound animals and gear you carry may enter to shadow tomb. It expires after 24 hours.

Sorcerous Satiety (10 Fame, 5 PP): You gain an Eldritch Heritage feat of your choice. This feat does not preclude you from selecting the feat normally or require prerequisites.

Scarlet Sovereignty Views & Beliefs

The Scarlet Sovereignty claims to be the founding organizations of the city, citing references to an immortal who appeared during the city's early days. He was a mage said to have first sought immortality in vampirism before eventually shedding mortality altogether and becoming a divine patron of Hunger. His priesthood created the city's first vampire nobility from his last remaining mortal blood. Over time the line between the church and the nobility grew so blurred that it is assumed that almost all vampires have some religious authority. The immortal taught that Hunger on all levels—Food, Flesh and Lust—was the drive to life itself, the heart of the divine. He saw vampirism as the most obvious route to divine empowerment. He also believed that as that natural order had hierarchies of predator and prey, so too did the societies of the living. By ensconcing the vampiric element in the elite of society he mirrored the divine pattern of life in a predatory crown.

Lastly, the immortal believed that the greater existed to empower the gifted lesser, and on union of circumstance and fate, the poorest urchin with the right intrinsic qualities—beauty, talent, genius—could be elevated to the nobility (and often vampirism). This practice is held even today where the living nobility "encrown" in a rite of blood ascension. Titles shed and passed to a commoner as they take a larger estate in the vampiric Crown. This romance allows the Sovereignty far more influence than their current day single Council vote would indicate.

Scarlet Sovereignty Game Mechanics

Chosen of the Bloody Crown (Prestige Class)
Sanguine Sorcerer (Prestige Class)

Scarlet Sovereignty Feats

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