Favored Class Bonuses

Aasimar: Add +1 to Heal checks made when using your medical training, advanced medical training, or expert medical training class features.

Alraun: Gain 1/6th of an Alchemy sphere talent from the (poison) package.

Cecaelia: +1 foot range when using tentacle sense. This option has no effect unless the scholar has selected it five times (or another increment of five).

Cuazaj: +1/2 use of cuazaj lightning per day.

Dwarf: Gain +1/8 of a scholar’s knack.

Elf: Treat your Intelligence as +1/4 point higher when determining your carrying capacity with careful packer, and when determining the save DCs for your material impositions.

Gnome: Add +1/2 to all Disable Device and Use Magic Device checks made to control, manipulate, or sabotage a clockwork device or creature.

Goblin: Add +1/2 points of damage to the damage dealt by your flashbangs.

Halfling: Gain +1/8 of a material imposition.

Hobgoblin: Choose one combat sphere; gain a +1/8 bonus to hit, combat maneuver bonus, combat maneuver defense, ability DCs, and all other functions of the sphere normally determined by your base attack bonus when using talents or abilities granted by that sphere. You may select a different sphere each time you gain this benefit.

Human: Increase the save DC and damage of your flashbangs by +1/5.

Leshy: +1/5 bonus from ancestral memory.

Tatulani: Increase bonus from technological by +1/4th.

Tiefling: Add +1/2 fire damage to your flashbangs; if you know the Brimstone material imposition, increase the saving throw DC for your sulfuric detonations by +1/4.

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