Seng (Monk Archetype)

These monks are among those most commonly encountered in some lands. They live an ascetic lifestyle, hoping to find the path to enlightenment. By escaping the bonds of this reality and the karmic wheel of birth, death, and rebirth, they become one with nirvana.

There are a great many different sects. They condition the mind, body, and soul in preparation for moving along the path to enlightenment. To that end, they toughen their bodies through incredible feats of conditioning for speed and endurance. Their martial arts encourage quick movement with hard, linear, rapid strikes. When these normally peaceful monks cannot avoid a fight, they will not hesitate to take the fight to their opponents. They are famous for teaching commoners the ways of the martial arts. They often wear simple, yellow or orange robes and meditation bead necklaces or bracelets.

Grace of the Crane (Ex): At 2nd level, when moving through a threatened area, the seng only provokes an attack of opportunity when he moves more than one-quarter his base speed in any threatened area.

The seng can also lank a creature on his own if he manages to maneuver around it and strike during his action. When the seng moves then makes an attack, if he occupied a space on the opposite border or corner of his opponent’s square before his attack, he flanks his target. When in doubt as to whether this exception applies, pretend that an ally occupies every square the seng moved into on his action. When the seng attacks, if he would lank because of those imaginary allies, he gains the flanking bonus. This ability replaces the monk’s 2nd level bonus feat.

Skin of the Dragon (Su): At 6th level, the seng’s skin gains the durability of a dragon’s scales. He can spend 1 point from his ki pool to gain Damage Reduction 2/– for one round. This ability replaces the monk’s 6th level bonus feat.

Claws of the Leopard (Ex): At 10th level, the seng learns to strike hard and fast like a leopard pouncing upon its prey. Each successful attack on the same target during the same combat encounter increases the seng’s damage against that target by +1 for up to a maximum bonus equal to the seng’s Wisdom bonus (if any). For example, if a seng with a +3 Wisdom bonus strikes the same target three times over the course of the encounter, his further attacks gain a +3 to damage. This ability resets each time he expends or loses his ki focus. This ability replaces the monk’s 10th level bonus feat.

Speed of the Snake (Su): At 14th level, can act and move faster than the eye can see; seemingly with the speed of a snake. By expending his ki focus as a free action the seng can take extra actions on his turn. For 1 ki point he gains one extra move or move-equivalent action, for 2 ki points he gains one extra attack action at his full base attack bonus, for 3 ki points he gains one extra immediate or swift action (though he cannot cast a second quickened spells).

The seng must first resolve his normal actions for the turn before resolving any bonus actions acquired through the use of this ability. His normal actions and those actions taken as a result of this ability must be resolved separately. This ability replaces the monk’s 14th level bonus feat.

Strength of the Tiger (Su): At 18th level, the seng gains a +2 insight bonus to Armor Class and to Fortitude saving throws. Further, he gains a permanent, inherent +2 bonus to Strength. This ability replaces the monk’s 18th level bonus feat.

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