Favored Class Bonuses

Aasimar: Increase one energy resistance granted by your race by +1/3.

Dwarf: Gain +1/4 of an additional attack of opportunity per round.

Elf: Reduce the armor check penalty of any armor you wear by 1/4 point.

Fenghuang: +1 fire resistance. This stacks with resistance gained from other sources.

Gnome: Add +1 to your CMD when resisting a disarm or sunder maneuver.

Goblin: Gain +1 to your CMD against bull rush, drag, or reposition combat maneuvers.

Halfling: Deal +1/3 damage to creatures challenged with the Guardian sphere ability if they are 2 or more sizes larger than you.

Hobgoblin: Add +1/4 to your natural armor bonus.

Human: Increase the total number of negative hit points you can reach before dying by 2.

Orc: Gain +1/4 bonus to Fortitude saves.

Tiefling: Add +1/3 to one energy resistance granted by your race.

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