Seraph Animal Companion Templates
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The following are animal companion talents that often appear in creatures of the city.


Creatures of the shadow make unsteady allies to most, but druids, rangers, cavaliers, and other adventurers of the city have learned to inspire deep loyalty in shadow creatures by investing them with the adventurer's own steadfast belief in return. When a character gains a shadowbound companion, it has all the normal features except as follows.

Lean (Ex): A shadowbound companion's Constitution score is reduced by 2.

Senses (Ex): A shadowbound companion has low-light vision and darkvision 60 feet.

Shadow Blend (Su): In any illumination other than bright light, a shadowbound companion blends into the shadows, giving it concealment. If it already has concealment, the miss chance from concealment improves to 50% (though this does not count as total concealment).

Shadowbound Feats: A shadowbound companion can spend a feat slot to gain one of the following benefits, provided the effective druid's level is at least the listed minimum: 3rd: Resist cold or electricity equal to half effective druid level (pick one; can be taken again to get the other); 5th: SR 5 + effective druid level, DR 5/magic; 11th: DR increases by 5.

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