Seraph Bardic Masterpieces
The City of 7 Seraphs

Bardic Masterpiece: Discant on the Great Weaver's Web

Your performance tells of the countless interweaving, resonating strands woven by the Great Weaver after hearing the Song of Wonders, resonating with the song for all the city to hear. The allegory about the thought, hopes, and fears that span reality and cut through all dreams and nightmares inspires listeners to act in concert without conscious planning.
Prerequisite: Perform (act, string, wind) 7 ranks.
Cost: Feat or 3rd-level bard spell known.
Effect: Two targets within 60 feet get a +2 bonus on checks with the skill of your choice, on attacks against an opponent of your choice, and on saving throws against the attacks of an opponent of your choice. Mind-affecting effects aimed at one of the two targets also target the other, even if it isn't in range; each gets a separate saving throw (if any). This performance has audible components.
Use: 1 round of bardic performance per minute.
Action: 1 standard action.

Bardic Masterpiece: Hymn of Auld Hyraeatan

A tale of the days when the first Others arrived and took the ancestral home of the Fade for their own.
Prerequisites: Perform (oratory) 10 ranks, Perform (sing) 10 ranks.
Cost Feat or 3rd-level bard spell known.
Effect One creature hearing this is filled with remorse to the point of self harm for the way their people have treated the native fade over the millennia. Each round, the target must save or deal 1d8 points of damage plus its Strength modifier to itself using an item held in its hand or with unarmed attacks.

Each creature within range receives a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 your ranks in either Perform [oratory] or Perform [sing] + your Charisma modifier). If a creature saves, it is staggered for 1 round and takes a -2 penalty to Armor Class. If a creature’s saving throw succeeds, it becomes immune to this performance for 24 hours. Fade are immune to this effect.
Use 5 rounds of bardic performance.
Action 5 full rounds.

Bardic Masterpiece: Kiva Mnemonic Chant

Kiva lecturers are known for bringing students up to speed with incredible concision, although the students' retention is not always so impressive in the long term. Kiva mnemonics incorporate dizzyingly disparate elements that suddenly reveal unexpected connections that make them impossible to forget—at least until after the next test.
Prerequisite: Perform (act, oratory, sing) 5 ranks.
Cost: Feat or 2nd-level bard spell known.
Effect: One target's mind fills with bits of lore you have accumulated across your life. As long as the target is within 30 feet, it can use your ranks in the skill ofyour choice or its own, whichever is better. However, the target takes a –2 penalty on checks with other skills. An unwilling target can negate this effect with a successful Will save. This performance has audible components.
Use: 1 round of bardic performance per minute.
Action: 1 standard action

Bardic Masterpiece: Stolen Name Divertimento

This chaotic melody recounts a tale of a girl tricked into selling her name to a fairy to get a bite of the most beautiful apple in the world, not realizing it would prevent her from ever again enjoying any other flavor in comparison.
Prerequisite: Perform (percussion, sing, string) 15 ranks.
Cost: Feat or 5th level bard spell known.
Effect: At a range of 60 feet, you steal a target creature's name and give it to yourself or another target within range for as long as you perform. An unwilling target can negate the effect with a successful Will saving throw. If it fails, it can't recognize its own name while the performance lasts. Whenever the recipient or original owner of the name is the target of a spell, psionic power, or supernatural effect and the other is within range, it switches to target the other. If both targets are willing, the exchange is permanent until dispelled. This performance has audible components.
Use: 1 round of bardic performance per round.
Action: 1 standard action.

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