Seraph Dread Terrors
Table of Contents
The City of 7 Seraphs

Vision of Limbo

On a successful attack the dread bombards the defender with roiling visions or chaos and hallucinatory landscapes. The dread’s attack bestows the confused condition for a number of rounds equal to the dread’s level, unless the target makes a successful Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 the dread’s class level + the dread’s Charisma modifier). This is mind-affecting fear effect. The dread must be at least 6th level to select this option.

City of 7 Seraphs by Lost Spheres Publishing
Aegis Aethernaut Echo
Eclipse Nexus Radiant
Shadow Weaver Sphereshaper Theurge
Ceptu Judow Mirrorkin Rhyzala Shadow Fey Veryx
Luminous Organizations
Ashlords Children of Dreams Everlasting Dawn Foreseers House of Prominence Steamstriders
Neutral Organizations
Cocoon Pact Descendants of Thunder
Umbral Organizations
Blackswords Booksealers Church of Coin Frozen Graves Hands of Burden Scarlet Sovereignty
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