Seraph Drugs
The City of 7 Seraphs

The following drugs are available in the City, particularly in the area of the docks. Many of them have special interactions with feats listed above.

Fate Eater Blood (300 GP)

Type drug (ingested); Addiction moderate, Fortitude DC 20
Effects 1 hour; +1d6 psionic power points + special
Damage 1d4 Int damage
This iridescent fluid is drained from the corpses of fate eaters. It is prized among psionic creatures for its ability to allow them to borrow from their own future. In addition to a temporary increase in power points, it also allows characters with levels in a manifesting class to choose to learn a new power in place of one she already knows. In effect, the manifester loses the old power in exchange for the new one. The new power’s level must be the same as that of the power being exchanged, but it can be taken from the class list of any manifesting class as though the character had the Expanded Knowledge (psionics) feat. The power can be of any level the character can manifest.

Fate Eater Brains

Type drug (ingested); Addiction severe, Fortitude DC 20
Effects special
Damage 1d4 damage to Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma

The brains of a fate eater are a potent delicacy for manipulators of psionic energies. Only those who use such power can guide their experience and direct the changes that come from it.

Fate eater brains allow characters with a power point reserve to expend 10 power points to initiate a trance. During this trance the character may retrain any three of the following: ability score increase, archetype, class feature, class level, feat, racial trait, or skill ranks. They may also change species or gender. The trance and retraining process take 1 minute for each day the retraining rules would normally require. Changes to species and gender add 5 minutes to the length of the trance each.

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