Seraph Druid Nature's Bonds
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The following are Nature's Bonds often taken by Druids of the city.


Druids who develop their bond to nature in of supernatural bounty can choose bounty instead of choosing a domain or an animal companion. If she does, she learns to draw nourishment and magic from nature's bounty. The druid can harvest bounty from any fresh plant matter, meat, or fungus with 1 round of effort. The druid prepares 1/2 pound of food, which becomes safe and nourishing to eat (feeding 1 Medium creature for a day). In addition, the druid can choose to imbue an orison she has prepared into the bounty if it targets a creature and has a range greater than personal. If she does, the spell takes effect when the first bite is taken from the bounty (treat as a potion with her caster level). A druid can use this ability a number of times per day equal to her druid level + her Wisdom modifier.

At 4th level, the druid can imbue spells of up to 1st level this way.

At 7th level, the spell can be up to 2nd level. At 10th druid level, she can imbue a spell of up to 3rd level.

A bounty spell is wasted without effect if unused when the druid next prepares spells.

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