Seraph Equipment

The following are equipment often used by members of the city's organizations. Some items are restricted to members of an organization and are marked as such.


Fate Eater Organs (3,000 GP)

Type drug (ingested) Addiction severe, Fortitude DC 20
Effects 2d12 minutes; confused, 10% chance of contracting a random form of insanity for 1d4 days. Roll 1d6 for random effect:

  • Becomes Immune to scrying for 1d6 days.
  • Bestows use of the Psychic Sensitivity feat for 1d10 days.
  • May permanently change one feat, skill, archetype, class feature (including bloodlines), or species/racial trait.
  • May permanently change one class level to a different class, change an archetype, or change up to two racial traits.
  • Gains GM’s choice of experience equal to a defeating CR of your level in a party of 4 or free retraining.
  • Foresees future conflicts in a cryptic and disjointed vision. The next time she enters combat, she can make one extra standard attack at any point in the first three rounds as an immediate action.

Damage 1d3 Wis damage

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