Seraph Loci Spirits

The following are new Loci Spirits found in the city.

The Dawn Psychic of Radia

XP 9,600
Neutral energized protective singular boon loci spirit (20 ft.-radius centered on the third Silver Dock)
Caster Level 10
hp 20
Ceremony Diplomacy DC 20, Perform (oratory) DC 20
The celebrant entreats one of the founding members of the Foreseers. From the first generation of her people born beneath the storm called Radia she could always see through the time winds, sometimes at the expense of her present day. Offerings of strong perfumes and pungent incense combine with the celebrant's recounting of the Arrival in the city and the founding of the Foreseers. If the ceremony is successful, the ghostly form of an elan woman with multicolored hair appears and lays her hands on the celebrant's temples, granting the celebrant the benefit of a true prognostication spell.
Corruption Effect True prognostication becomes energy drain (DC 23)
Note Due to the extraordinary power of this unique loci spirit the corruption effect extends beyond mind affecting and inflicts energy drain instead. This is purely due to the power of Radia pulsing through the spirit.

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