Seraph Magic Items
The City of 7 Seraphs

The following are magic items often used by members of the city's organizations. Many of these are restricted to members of specific organizations.

Adjudicating Scales [Church of Coin]

Aura strong necromancy; CL 17th; Cost 32,000 GP
Slot none Weight 250 lbs.
These four-foot-tall elegant mahogany balance scales hold a single golden coin, stained with blood, in each weighing dish. While one copy exists in the Tower of Coin, several other versions of the Scales are owned by governments, royalty, and aristocrats throughout the Planes.

Two people may agree to abide by the scales to settle a dispute. Each must prick a finger to allow a drop of blood to fall on one of the coins. Each party then tells their version of events, and the scales begin to move. The coin belonging to the party who has lied more sinks the furthest, and the scales bestow 1–4 permanent negative levels, depending on severity of the misdeed. If both parties have behaved dishonorably, the scales may dip in both directions, dealing punishment to both parties.

The scales only function if both parties participate voluntarily. If someone is compelled to draw blood for the coin, the scales will not move at all.
Construction Requirements
16,000 gp; Craft Wondrous Items, energy drain, zone of truth

Akashic Catalysts [SoA]

Price varies (Least 8,000 GP, Lesser 32,000 GP, Greater 72,800 GP)
Slot none CL 5th Weight
Aura moderate transmutation

Akashic catalysts are woven bands of gem studded cloth or metal inscribed with glowing mandalas. After donning the catalyst for 24 hours, the catalyst can be used to reinforce and fortify the power of invested essence within a veil. As a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity, the wearer may attune a catalyst to a single one of their shaped veils of the hands, feet, head, headband, shoulders, wrist, neck, belt, chest, body, or ring slots, treating the essence invested in the veil as being higher for all mechanical effects (+1 least, +2 lesser, +3 greater), though this does not change the wearer’s total essence pool. A character cannot wear more than one akashic catalyst of each type (least, lesser, and greater), and a single veil cannot benefit from more than one akashic catalyst at any time.

Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, creator must possess an essence pool; Cost varies (Least 4,000 GP, Lesser 16,000 GP, Greater 36,000 GP)

Analyst’s Notepad [Hands of Burden]

Aura faint divination (CL 5th); Cost 1,800 GP
Slot none Weight 1/2 lb.
This leather booklet contains several hundred thin vellum pages with a quill pen attached to the spine by a long strap. When the wearer speaks a command word, the pen dances along a blank page in the book, transcribing words that it hears in small, neat script. The pen transcribes even soft sounds and mutterings, and ignores meaningless babble or cries, making it particularly useful for physicians at the Great Sanitarium to translate their inmates’ ravings. Use of the pad provides a +3 circumstance bonus on Linguistics checks regarding spoken words or language as well as on relevant Profession checks. An analyst’s notepad can transcribe two hundred hours of normal speech before its pages are full and it no longer functions.
Construction Requirements
250 gp; Craft Wondrous Item, tongues

Blacksword's Scabbard [Blackswords]

Aura moderate abjuration; CL 6th; Cost 5,000 GP
Slot none Weight 4 lbs.
This sleek black scabbard is completely devoid of any decoration or ornamentation, save perhaps a simple monogram of the bearer to differentiate it from others. Though this item is not limited to members of the Blackswords, it is popular among members of that particular organization, as they limit purchases of magic items outside of weapons and armor.

After drawing a bladed weapon from the scabbard, the bearer may, as a swift or immediate action, apply a resistance bonus equal to the enhancement bonus of the weapon to a single saving throw. The bearer must activate this ability before the saving throw is attempted. The blade must be returned to the scabbard before the bearer can use this ability again.

Brooch of Unstable Protection [Steamstriders]

Aura faint abjuration CL 5th; Cost 8000 GP
Slot neck Weight 1 lb.
Tiny colorful gemstones form rune-like patterns on this intricate brooch that occasionally vibrates with an apparent internal energy, letting off gray smoke in a disconcerting way. One of the many works-in-progress by members of the Steamstriders, this colorful bit of jewelry provides the wearer some elemental protection, but the unstable nature of the magic can backfire dramatically on the wearer.

This brooch is designated to be used with a specific energy type when created, and the gemstones used are specific to the energy type: diamonds for electricity, rubies for fire, sapphires for cold, emeralds for acid, and opals for sonic.

Whenever the wearer takes damage of the designated type, the brooch absorbs up to 5 points of damage. However, every time that the brooch absorbs damage, it has a 5% chance of exploding, dealing 3d6 points of the associated energy type to all creatures within a 10-foot radius (DC 14 Reflex save for half). The brooch must be repaired, such as with make whole, before it can be used again. The wearer can also throw the brooch on the ground as an improvised weapon, deliberately triggering the explosion effect.
Construction Requirements
4,000 gp; Craft Wondrous Item, fireball, resist energy

Clockwork Gauntlets [Steamstriders]

Aura faint transmutation CL 5th; Cost 3,302 GP
Slot hands Weight 1 lb.
These gauntlets accompany no suit of armor, but instead are covered with dozens of small gears, whirring and turning to clench the metallic fingers into a tight fist. Another Steamstriders invention, these gauntlets are popular with weak but highly educated adventurers who occasionally find the need for brute strength.

The wearer of these gauntlets must succeed at a DC 25 Knowledge (engineering) or Craft (armor) check once per day to keep the gauntlets functioning. Failure prevents retrying the check for the next 24 hours. The gauntlets deal lethal damage with unarmed strikes as standard gauntlets do.

Further, the wearer may make attacks with the gauntlets, including grapple and disarm combat maneuvers, and perform Strength-based skill and ability checks that primarily use the hands with an effective Strength modifier of +3. The wearer does not take non-proficiency penalties even if not proficient with gauntlets.

As a standard action, the bearer may attempt a DC 35 Knowledge (engineering) or Craft (armor) check to speed up the clockwork on the gauntlets. If successful, the effective Strength modifier increases to +6 for 1d4 minutes, after which time the gauntlets stop functioning for 24 hours. The gauntlets also stop functioning for 24 hours upon failure of the check to manipulate the clockwork.
Construction Requirements
1,802 gp; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, bull’s strength

Crystal Battery (Minor Artifact)

Aura strong psychoportation, psychometabolism
ML 20th
SlotWeight 30 lbs.
This small slab of meteorite is encrusted with crystals grown in the void of space. It’s potential is only revealed when mounted on a ship, and then only in the void between worlds known as the Sea of Stars.

Once outside a planetary atmosphere it provides the following effects:

The ship and all aboard are under a constant planar habituation and inertial hull plating effects. As long as the battery retains at least 5 pp it continually refreshes the ship’s atmosphere. If mounted on a shipboard siege engine up to 5 pp may be expended each round to add +1d6/pp to the weapon’s damage for one attack.

If a psionic character links to the crystal battery they gain access to the following abilities at will.

A character must expend their psionic focus and succeed at a Spellcraft check, DC 25 in order to link to the battery. If the character fails the character must make an immediate DC 15 Will save or become permanently confused as if affected by the psychosis power. Only psychic chirurgery or similarly extreme measures can restore sanity. If the check succeeds the character remains linked for the next 24 hours.

Once linked the character gains the following abilities:

  • At will catapsi (shipwide), starmind
  • Constant: gains a +2 bonus on all drive checks and ship’s saves.
  • Allows the ability to directly replenish her personal power points from those stored in the crystal battery by touching it for one round.

A crystal battery may be destroyed by bathing it in the flames of seven different suns in the span of seven weeks.

Four-Footed Boots [Hands of Burden]

Aura faint transmutation (CL 5th); Cost 4,000 GP
Slot feet Weight 4 lbs.
These sturdy leather boots have steel toes and reinforced heels. When the wearer speaks a command word, duplicate shins and feet sprout from the wearer’s knees, providing him with an awkward gait but the stability of having four feet. The wearer’s base land speed is reduced by 5 feet, to a minimum of 5 feet. The wearer is treated as a quadruped for determining carrying capacity and receives a +4 competence bonus on Acrobatics checks to keep his balance and a +4 competence bonus to his Combat Maneuver Defense when resisting a bull rush, reposition, or trip attempts while standing on the ground. The four-footed boots remain on the wearer’s original feet and, despite having an extra pair of feet, the wearer doesn’t gain another feet magic item slot. The wearer can remain in four-footed form for up to 5 hours per day. This duration need not be consecutive, but it must be used in 1-hour increments.
Construction Requirements
2,000 gp; Craft Wondrous Item, beast shape I

Gloves of Guided Change [Cocoon Pact]

Aura faint transmutation (chaos) CL 5th; Cost 3000 GP
Slot neck Weight 0.25 lbs.
These supple gloves of deep silver swim beneath the surface with shimmers of random color. Otherwise no two sets look alike.

These gloves are seen to be vital tools in the efforts to guide the power of chaos into desirable transformations. Once per day when making a random roll to determining results of spells, powers, and abilities with random effects such as reincarnation or prismatic spray, the caster may choose to re-roll the result after they become aware of the result. If they choose to re-roll the result they must use the new result even if it is less desirable.
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, alter self; Cost 1,500 gp

Golden Apple of Longevity [House of Prominence]

Aura strong conjuration CL 13th; Cost 10,000 GP
SlotWeight 1/2 lb.
You cease to age for 13 years after you eat this gleaming golden apple. During that time, all spells you are subject to when you have no other spells upon you have their durations extended, as if with the Extend Spell feat.
Construction Requirements
5,750 gp; Craft Wondrous Item, Extend Spell, greater age resistanceUM, limited wish

Golemspine Clasps (Minor Artifact) [Booksealers]

The massive clasps of this tome: along with the solid hinge, centerpiece and corner-pieces of the ancient book: are smooth: forged of an icy, lusterless iron that can be seen beneath the ornate gilt, painted over the iron long ago, which has begun to fleck away with advanced age.
Aura Strong (abjuration) CL 21st+ (the magic to create these unique objects has been lost)
Slot None; Weight
These heavy iron book-clasps can be secured to any high-quality hardcover tome or bound codex (whether constructed of pasteboard, velvet, leather or calfskin over rosewood). Securing a book with these magically-flexible clasps requires one full day’s worth of uninterrupted work, basic knowledge of the bookbinder’s art and access to a craftsman’s studio.

A book bound with these clasps is immune to fire and to all spells that allow spell resistance; the bearer of the book may voluntarily lower this spell-resistance as a move action. In addition, any magical attack or effect that would deal fire damage to the book instead heals 1 point of damage to the book for each 3 points of damage that the attack would otherwise deal. In this way, a book secured with golemspine clasps may be restored to pristine, mint condition by direct exposure to magical fire.

If a book bound with golemspine clasps has full hit points when it is exposed to magical fire, the protection afforded by the golemspine clasps additionally extends to cover all books within a twenty-foot radius. If a book has spent at least one week within the twenty-foot radius aura of protection provided by a fully-healed book bound with golemspine clasps, this protection from magical fire further extends for one full month after the golemspine clasps depart the area.

By the creative use of the golemspine clasps and a bit of careful planning, a book bound in golemspine can be rotated through the collection of a large library and thereby grant protection against magical fire to a huge number of books left within its aura.

Meld Stone of the Planewalker

Aura strong clairsentience ML 5th; Cost 3,040 GP
SlotWeight 1 lb.
When set in a synaptic mask, the meld stone of the planewalker grants its wearer a +8 competence bonus on Knowledge (the planes) checks, a +6 competence bonus Spellcraft and Use Magic Device checks, and a +4 competence bonus on Survival checks.
1,520 gp; Craft Wondrous Item, creator must have 8 ranks in Knowledge (the planes), 6 ranks in Spellcraft and Use Magic Device, and 4 ranks in Survival

Porter’s Whitecoat [Hands of Burden]

Aura faint transmutation (CL 1st); Cost 500 GP
Slot body Weight 5 lbs.
Many porters in the city wear distinctive white coats, and some take out loans for a magical version of the distinctive garb. This long coat is made of thick leather dyed white and remains clean despite spills or smudges. The wearer’s carrying capacity is doubled, but only when the wearer doesn’t have any hands free.
Construction Requirements
250 gp; Craft Wondrous Item, ant haul

Psicrown of the Planar Pharaoh, True

Aura strong metacreativity ML 18th; Cost 122,400 GP
Slot head Weight
This psicrown has 100 power points. This bronze circlet is unornamented except for the heads of a cobra and a falcon centered over the brow. Each one has eyes of deep crystal. It allows use of the following powers:

  • astral seed
  • genesis
  • quintessence

Cost 18 pp, Gain 18 pp
61,200gp; Craft Staff, astral seed, genesis, quintessence

Psicrown of the Starfarer, Greater

Aura moderate clairsentience ML 11th; Cost 61,600 GP
Slot head Weight
This psicrown has 60 power points. This white cloth band has the pattern of an eye picked out in chips of violet crystal and small obsidian beads. It allows use of the following powers;

  • inertial hull plating
  • starmind
  • ship's tactical precognition

Cost 11 pp Gain 6 pp
30,800 gp; Craft Staff, inertial hull plating, starmind, ship's tactical precognition

Radiant Vestments

Aura moderate conjuration CL 10th; Cost 28,000 GP
Slot body
These light vestments, worn over clothing or armor, are woven with scintillating threads that amplify life energies and healing. Whenever a creature wearing these vestments grants or receives hit point healing, they heal an additional 1 hit point per die of healing received (minimum 1 additional hit point). If a creature wearing these robes possesses the akashic bond class feature, they gain an additional benefit; for every 5 points of essence they possess in their essence pool, they gain a bonus point of essence that can only be used with their akashic bond class feature, as the radiant vestments help amplify and project their natural life energies.
14,000 gp; Craft Wondrous Item, creator must possess an essence pool

Rimecowl [Frozen Graves]

Aura moderate necromancy CL 9th; Cost 16,200 GP
Slot head Weight 2 lbs.
Granted to middle and higher ranking members of the Frozen Graves, this cowl is made from coarse, pale blue fabric that covers one’s mouth when worn. The wearer’s breath emerges as an icy cloud regardless of prevailing temperatures.

A rimecowl grants the wearer cold resistance 5 and protects them from cold environments, as endure elements.

Additionally, the wearer can cast speak with dead three times per day on command. If the spell’s target creature is missing any parts necessary for speech, such as a jaw or tongue, the wearer’s icy breath coalesces to form frozen facsimiles of the missing parts; facsimiles last the duration of the spell, after which they sublimate into the surrounding air. The rimecowl does not grant speech to corpses that could not speak during life.

Finally, once per week the wearer can cast an augmented version of the rimecowl’s speak with dead. This augmented spell does not allow a Will save for a dead creature with an alignment different from the caster’s, succeeds even if the target has been the subject of speak with dead within the last week, and grants both the wearer and the target the effects of comprehend languages.
Construction Requirements
8,100 gp; Craft Wondrous Item, endure elements, speak with dead, Heighten Spell; must be created within an Icetomb or Graveberg

Sanguine Seal [Scarlet Sovereignty]

Aura faint abjuration CL 5th; Cost 2,100 GP per vial
Slot none Weight
An elegant black case opens to reveal many small vials of crimson-colored wax nestled in black velvet, each with a name inscribed on the glass. There is space for parchment, ink, and a stamp: everything necessary for personal communications.

Popular among vampires, this sealing wax contains a drop of the recipient’s blood and is used to protect documents from prying eyes. The contents are not only protected from scrying, but if someone other than the person whose blood was mixed with the wax attempts to open the letter or document, the document immediately goes up in flames. Users of sanguine seals generally mix their own blood in and send the vial to a trusted confidante, to ensure communication arrives safely. A single vial is enough for 10 uses. The blood within the wax is not usable for other magical effects.
Construction Requirements
1,050 gp; Craft Wondrous Item, lesser arcane seal1001, nondetection

Scales of Equanimous Exchange (Iron Scales)

Aura moderate divination CL 5th
Slot none Weight 5 lbs
Silver glyphs decorate these iron scales and a green gemstone is set into each arm, directly above the engraved pans. After placing an item on or below the pan on one side, the user may activate the Iron Scales as a standard action whereupon a green gem above the pan shines with an inner light to indicate that value of the item has been magically determined. A set of rings can be dialed to indicate agreed upon rates and percentages for exchange. An item or items offered in exchange for the first object must then be placed in or near the second pan. When enough items are placed to equal the determined value of the item for sale, another green gem above the second pan will illuminate to indicate that a parity of trade has been reached.

If one or both of the parties involved in the trade disputes the value of the items in either pan they can Contest the Scales. Each person places a hand on the scale and rolls opposed Appraise Checks. If the person with the higher check wins by 5 or less, he gains a 10% decrease in the price of the item he wished to buy (or an equal increase if he is selling an item). If he wins by 5 or more, this becomes 20%. Only one attempt to Contest the Scale can be done with each transaction.

Iron Scales are never bought or sold and attempting to do so is a crime in the merchant district.
Construction Requirements
3,500 gp; Craft Wondrous Item, detect magic, identify, creator must have 10 ranks in Appraise

Screedshroud [Booksealers]

Aura faint divination CL 5th; Cost 24,000 GP
Slot none; Weight 5 lbs.
This length of coarse, pale yellow cloth has a broad, shallow pocket sewn onto one end that usually holds a short quill and stout seal. The shroud, quill, and seal all bear the same sigil and keyword, and are usually kept together as a set.

When placed against a book, scroll, or other work with no more than 100 pages’ worth of text, it inscribes its sigil and keyword, as arcane mark, and links the work to the screedshroud. When a user holds the quill above the screedshroud and speaks the command word, the shroud magically joins into a single round strip. The quill then animates to scribe the shroud with the contents of the linked work. The quill scribes text at a rate of 1 page per minute, and writes in illusory ink that fades over 2 minutes. The shroud floats and spins to keep pace with the quill. A screedshroud responds to simple commands such as stop, continue, or reproduce page 3.

Finally, a screedshroud’s seal can leave its mark on a spellbook, familiar, or similar component required for a prepared spellcaster to prepare their spells. As long as the screedshroud is linked to the component and in the spellcaster’s possession, they may prepare spells as if they had the component with them.

A screedshroud cannot reproduce text or enable spell preparation unless it is within 2 miles of, and on the same plane as, its linked work, and cannot be linked to more than one work at a time.
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, clairaudience/clairvoyance; Cost 12,000 gp

Ship’s Cortex (Minor Artifact)

Aura strong psychokinesis, strong clairaudience
ML 20th
Slot none Weight 200 lbs. (200 1 lb. crystals)
This networked array of cognizance crystals taps into the psionic lines of force that connect all living worlds in the Sea of Shadow and Stars generating a pool of 100 psionic power points. The cortex is an array of crystals that are installed around the ship at regular intervals. Together they form a neural web connecting psionic members of the crew. Any psionic character that has been a member of the ship’s crew for more than 24 hours may touch one of these crystals in order to access those power points. In addition all aid another checks made by crew members while aboard gain a +1 insight bonus. If a member of the crew does not spend at least one night out of three on board he loses attunement.

A ship’s cortex can be destroyed by bombarding the central crystal with powers from all six psionic disciplines at once while circling a dead star.

Spectral Footprints [Foreseers]

9,475 GP, or 11,395 GP with ritual

This ragged tome's darkwood cover is covered in small gouges, acid burns, scorches and other signs of extreme abuse. The inside is packed with notes, diagrams, and scribblings in a dozen planar languages. Odd random objects, from wyvern feathers to strips of skyshark leather, can be found between the pages seemingly used as bookmarks.

Despite the array of languages the text seems to be authored by the same person, the legendary mystic theurge Saint Kilroy The Explorer (Foreseers). The book chronicles his exploits across the planes of existence and the Sea of Shadow and Stars. Any well-traveled planewalker has encountered the ancient graffiti reading "Kilroy was here" in ancient gnomish at some point in their journeys. Usually someplace no one is supposed to have ever been before.

Protection A series of three superior locks each augmented with arcane lock (DC 50). The book itself is protected by explosive runes (Reflex DC 20), the spells are hidden with secret page. The special phrase is “One step beyond.”

Holy Symbol Any round in which you use this tome as a divine focus for the casting of a spell or to channel positive energy, you count as presenting a holy symbol, chanting prayers, or ringing a handbell for the purpose of keeping vampires at bay (As if you had the feat Potent Holy Symbol and the tome were a holy symbol of your god).


  • 7th—plane shift, planar refuge, create demiplane (lesser)
  • 6th—getaway, treacherous teleport, legend lore, shadow walk, true seeing
  • 5th—break enchantment, dismissal, hostile juxtaposition, life bubble. trace teleport
  • 4th—akashic communionMTT, dimensional anchor, lesser age resistance, nondetection (communal), scrying, shadow step
  • 3rd—arcane sight, blood biography, dispel magic, explosive runes, magic circle against chaos/evil/good/law, see beyond, tongues, urban step, nondetection
  • 2nd—anti-summoning shield, escaping ward, obscure object, glitterdust, haunting mists, invisibility, locate object, mirror hideaway
  • 1st—anticipate peril, break, bungle, burning disarm, comprehend languages, cultural adaptation, expeditious retreat, floating disk, jury-rig, memorize page, secluded grimoire

Preparation Ritual
Planar Savant (Su) Your mind suddenly opens to the glory of the planes. Unlike other boons, you do not spend this one. Until you prepare spells again, you are considered trained in Knowledge (the planes). If you are already trained in Knowledge (the planes), you gain a +2 circumstance bonus on those checks instead.

Staff of the Dockmaster

Aura moderate divination, abjuration, illusion; CL 8th; Cost 29,600 GP
Slot none Weight 5 lbs.
This staff is made from a brass-like shadow metal, and topped with an eye cast from the same metal.

The staff allows use of the following spells:

  • dark whispers (1 charge)
  • track ship (1 charge)
  • riversight (all water inside the docks, rather than just a river, 2 charges)
  • dimensional anchor (2 charges)

Construction Requirements
14,800 gp; Craft Staff, dark whispers, dimensional anchor, riversight, track ship

Synaptic Shard of the Void Captain

Aura Faint clairsentience ML 5th; Cost 8,000 GP
This shard grants the wearer a +2 bonus to his Ship's AC while travelling the Sea of Shadow and Stars.
This power only works on the material plane in the void of space. The effect ends automatically upon entry into a world's atmosphere.
30,800 gp; Craft Wondrous Item, ubiquitous vision

The Grand Orrery (Major Artifact) [Foreseers]

Aura overwhelming conjuration and divination (CL 25th)
Slot none Weight 8,000 lbs.
In an extradimensional space somewhere in the Docks the Grand Orrery mutters and spins. The magnificently engraved cones, rods, fans, and spheres of its structure seem to dance in slow motion as images from throughout time and space shift across their shining surfaces. Rising twenty feet high and almost as wide it illuminates the shadow-lined chamber with a shifting, multi-hued radiance. The extradimensional room is 60 ft.-square and the Orrery sits at its center. Powered by the forces of Radia above and a psionic connection to the Akashic Record, the Grand Orrery is the greatest resource of the Foreseers.

Anyone entering the extradimensional chamber must succeed at a DC 40 Will save to avoid being affected as if by the spell insanity due to the psychic overload. Those not driven insane by the spectacle before them may use the Orrery for a multitude of purposes.

Within Chamber of the Orrery
Spells of the divination school operate at +5 caster level and as though empowered and extended. The additional spell slot cost is paid by the Orrery. Psionic powers of the clairsentience discipline operate at +5 manifester level and as though empowered and extended. The additional power point cost is paid by the Orrery.

The chamber and everything in it is immune to scrying by anything short of a major deity.

There is a 10% chance each visit that the Master of the Docks will be there. There is a 25% chance that a senior member of the Foreseen will be there, overseeing orrery engine production.

Operating the Orrery allows the operator to make a DC 50 Spellcraft check to activate. Once activated the operator can reconfigure the Orrery. Each reconfiguration forces a Will save (DC 30) to avoid being affected as if by the spell insanity. There can be three operators using three different configurations at any given time.

Grand Orrery Configurations
All configurations are considered spell-like abilities and have a DC equal to 25 + the configuration spell level.

  • Orrery Visions As greater scrying but the following additional spells function reliably through the sensor: analyze aura, analyze dweomer, arcane sight, detect anxieties, detect desires, detect psychic significance, detect radiation, discern next of kin, psychic reading, technomancy.
  • Pierce the Veil This configuration grants the operator the benefits of discern location.
  • Planar Cartography This configuration grants the operator a +20 bonus to Knowledge (the planes) checks.
  • Temporal Cartography This configuration grants the operator use of prognostication and true prognostication.
  • Craft Reality As create demiplane, greater but made permanent as though with the permanency spell. This property requires an additional DC 50 Spellcraft check, failure results in the confused condition for 1d10 minutes.
  • Foreseen Decree As mage's decreeUI but targeting only the members of the Foreseers within the City and 500 miles around it on the Ethereal and Shadow planes.
  • Targeted Banishment Allows the operator to target any extraplanar entity within the City's borders with banishment.
  • Close the Docks Only used twice in the City's history, this configuration allows the operator to close the planar connections of the docks to all destinations except for the Plane of Shadow. This property requires an additional DC 50 Spellcraft check, failure results in the confused condition for 1d10 minutes.
  • Engine Weaving This configuration causes the Orrery to create subsets of itself: the orrery engines. Linked to the Great Orrery both psychically and sub-psionically, these engines propel ships through void between worlds and across the barriers between planes. The Orrery weaves them in groups of three at a time.
  • Covert Configurations It is rumored in the higher echelons of the Foreseen that there are additional configurations known only to the Master of the Docks and a few select other ancients.

The Grand Orrery can only be destroyed by extinguishing the etherstorm Radia. Anything short of that merely destroys its current physical manifestation. If "destroyed" by anything short of that the Grand Orrery will reassemble itself by downloading bits of its own recursions from the orrery engine scattered across the planes. If it is completely destroyed all orrery engines throughout the multiverse will become inert.

Third Eye of Sanity

Aura strong telepathy ML 15th; Cost 112,000 GP
Slot eyes Weight
This kind of third eye is placed on the forehead of a creature suffering mind control, geas/quest, or insanity. If worn without being removed for four hours the creature is completely cured of these effects. [Note: If you are using sanity points this third eye restores them at a rate of one per hour worn.]
56,000 gp; Craft Wondrous Item, bend reality

Third Eye of the Planestrider

Aura moderate clairsentience ML 7th; Cost 10,000 GP
Slot eyes Weight
This kind of third eye continually grants the wearer a +10 competence bonus on Knowledge (the planes) checks made to identify planar creatures or hazards.
5,000 gp; Craft Wondrous Item, Knowledge (the planes) 10 ranks

Thunderchild’s Hammer [Descendants of Thunder]

Aura faint transmutation CL 5th; Cost 4,302 GP
Slot none Weight 5 lbs.
This +1 warhammer has a hilt decorated with alternating strips of silver, iron, and steel, while the head has engraved storm clouds. Descendants of Thunder, who carry only one weapon, favor this hammer for its versatility. A Thunderchild’s Hammer may be used as a monk weapon.

As a standard action, the bearer grips the hammer tightly, and the color of the hammer slowly changes. By the start of the bearer’s next turn, the weapon acts as a cold iron or silver weapon for the purposes of overcoming DR. The bearer must designate which metal when activating the ability and the effect lasts for 1 minute. This weapon may have additional enchantments added for the normal cost, and, if the weapon is enchanted with an enhancement bonus of +2 or greater, then the bearer may also choose to have the weapon act as adamantine to overcome DR or hardness.
Construction Requirements
2,302 gp; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, heart of the metal

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