Seraph Monk Vows

Vow of Iron Pride [Combat]

Restriction: The monk may never call for the aid of uniformed authorities, instead handling all confrontations and fights alone. In addition, she must respond to all insults and challenges directly: she cannot back down if someone insults her sensei, for example, nor may she silently refuse to answer if a brash swordsman enters the teahouse where she is drinking and demands to know who within reckons herself to possess a true fighting spirit. The monk is not required to resort to physical violence while facing any such challenge, but she must always enact swift, firm justice when wronged or aggrieved.

Benefit: A monk with this vow increases his ki pool by 1 ki point for every 5 monk levels (minimum +1).

Vow of Matchless Style [Combat]

It’s not a “look,” friend. It is a way of life.

Not that you would expect most people to understand; the foolish are legion, ever-surrounding you, besetting the righteous upon all sides. For while the ignorant may see only a vain and narcissistic obsession with ‘fashion’ or “image”’ they—sadly uninitiated in your most-impeccable of techniques— overlook the stone-cold truth: this iconic persona serves as a symbol, a clarion-call, a bright-burning candle in the darkness which honors both the great ancestors of your people and the proud founders of your spiritual tradition.

You inspire, and are inspired in turn. And woe be unto that fool who dares to show disrespect.

Restriction: You require one hour each morning to properly prepare, dress and accentuate your distinctive “look”. If you are also a divine caster, this special time of meditative self-reflection overlaps with your preparation of spells and does not add to it.

You must have normal access to all of your gear to properly prepare your distinctive look in this way; if you are imprisoned, trapped or otherwise kept from your regular equipment, you must improvise (at your GM’s discretion) a suitable solution or risk violating your vow. If your look is ever harmed (see Special, below), you must spend one hour immediately thereafter re-fitting and re-arranging yourself—and your accoutrements—to regain the benefits of this vow.

In addition, you must willingly suffer a -8 penalty to all Bluff and Disguise checks made to pass or appear as anyone but yourself.

All characters also gain a +5 bonus on all Knowledge checks and on all Diplomacy checks to gather information regarding your identity; this effect stacks with the Signature Weapon of the Storm feat. In addition, these bonuses are retained—until the next time you gain a level—even if you violate your vow: your reputation will always greatly precede you, despite abandoning your archetypal accoutrements and renouncing your quintessential couture.

Benefit: A character with this Vow increases her ki pool by 1 point for every 4 class levels (minimum +1).

Special: Although your iconic “look” is never harmed by even the most dangerous of action, adventure, combat, conflict, daring-do or other traditional heroic escapades, it may be temporarily damaged by the simple touch of another character—either intentionally or inadvertently. An opponent may attempt to damage your look in this way by making a touch attack with bare hands—which provokes attacks of opportunity as per an unarmed strike—or by making a special touch attack with a wielded weapon.

If another character succeeds at this type of touch attack against you or otherwise touches any part of you without your permission—including an ally carelessly poking at your hair or your clothing without alerting you first—that character instantly damages your look. You immediately lose all the benefits of this vow until your look is fully restored—requiring one hour of work, as noted above—although you are not considered to have broken your vow.

While your look is damaged in this way, in any round that you attack the individual who damaged your look—or move directly toward that target, with the intent of attacking—you regain one point of ki. You continue to regain one point of ki in this way every round until the individual who damaged your look is dead, is unconscious or you spend one full round neither attacking them nor moving toward them with the intent to attack.

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