Seraph Mythic Abilities
The City of 7 Seraphs

The following mythic abilities appear among mythic creatures in the city. Some of these abilities are limited to members of certain organizations and are marked with that organization's name.

Tier 1 Universal Abilities

Immortality of Breaking (Su)

You are as unpredictable as a storm, fueled by raw chaos. Whenever you fail a saving throw to negate a spell or effect, you can spend one use of mythic power to attempt the saving throw again at the start of your next turn. You can use this ability even if you are dead at the time. If the saving throw was to negate damage you already took, the damage is undone accordingly (provided it hasn’t already been healed). This can bring you back from the dead if it raises your hit points high enough; if it does, you gain a temporary negative level that lasts for 24 hours.

Immortality of Incarnation (Su)

You perfect yourself by honing your body. You are immune to being disintegrated, petrified, paralyzed, or magically aged. Whenever you take bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage, you can spend one use of mythic power to regain a number of hit points equal to twice your tier.

Immortality of Mind (Su)

You perfect yourself by the power of your mind. If you would die while under a harmless mind-affecting effect or while concentrating on a psychic spell, umbral spell, or psionic power, you can spend a use of mythic power to instead gain a temporary negative level that ends in 24 hours and stabilize at –1 hit point.

Immortality of Pyres (Su)

You perfect yourself by the power of controlled energy. Whenever you accept burn or take acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic damage, you can spend one use of mythic power to heal a number of hit points equal to twice your tier. This can prevent the damage from killing you or knocking you out.

Immortality of Tempus (Su)

You perfect yourself by touching the raw power of time itself. You are immune to having time manipulated for you against your will, including slow or magical aging. Whenever you take damage, you can spend one use of mythic power to regain a number of hit points equal to your tier, to a maximum of the damage dealt.

Immortality of Unity (Su)

Your immortality stems from a balancing of many paths. You can use another mythic path ability with “immortality of” in its name by spending a use of mythic power to negate an effect it provides immunity to or to use its activated function (even if you don’t have that path ability). You must also pay any mythic power cost of that ability.

Immortality of the Word (Su)

You perfect yourself by the power of language. You are immune to being magically aged. Whenever you begin a bardic performance, make a Diplomacy or Intimidate check in combat, or cast a language-dependent spell, you can spend one use of mythic power to regain a number of hit points equal to your tier.

Mythic Vivification (Su)

When you invest essence in multiple allies using the same vivification ability, the essence is pooled rather than invested individually and the benefit of that total is applied to all those allies (although benefits beyond your essence capacity are lost). You must invest at least 1 essence in each ally that benefits.

Tier 3 Universal Abilities

Akashic Essence (Su)

Your essence helps preserve your ideal form as it is recorded in the Akashic Record. You have spell resistance equal to 5 + your total essence pool that doesn’t apply to harmless spells and spells you willingly accept.

Eternal Name (Su) [Booksealers]

You may spend a use of mythic power to inscribe your name within a book or other written work. You may have your name so inscribed once per tier. You do not regain that use of mythic power so long as the book or work remains inscribed. You may reclaim your mythic power from the inscription by touching it or when the work is destroyed. So long as those books are intact, you gain the effect of the Immortal 9th tier base mythic ability. At 6th tier, you return to life even if you were killed by a mythic creature or weapon of epic quality as long as even one book remains. At 9th tier, you may ignore death even from artifacts. At 10th tier only the destruction of all books inscribe with your name will make you vulnerable to death. Spells and abilities similar to legend lore and vision can give hints as to the location of the tomes inscribed with this ability.

Read the City (Ex)

You can sense the feelings and aspirations of a whole neighborhood, district, or small city. To do so, you must spend a use of mythic power and listen to the city for 1 minute while you are outdoors or in a major public place. You learn the prevailing attitude toward any individual or group of your choice. You can change this attitude by performing in a public place for 1 hour, spending another use of mythic power, and succeeding at a Perform check against DC 10 + twice subject's Hit Dice (use 5 for a small or uninteresting group, 10 for a large or unpopular group, or 15 for a vast or enemy group). Mythic creatures and creatures with a higher Intelligence modifier than your mythic tier aren't swayed this way.

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