Seraph Occult Rituals
The City of 7 Seraphs
The following are new occult rituals that can be used in the city. Many of these are associated with specific organizations and are marked as such.

Awaken the Eyes of the Old [Ashlords]

School Transmutation; Level 9th
Casting Time 9 hours
Components V, S, M (an item of great personal meaning to a past-life, alternatively this can be fulfilled by the blood of a loved one or descendant of the prior life, SC (at least 12, rarely more; the casters must be an even split between those who can create under their own power a [fire] descriptor effect or an [earth] descriptor effect. When participating in the casting, a caster must be dedicated to one of these elements even if they are capable of doing both)
Skill Checks Craft (carving or tattooing) DC 36, Heal DC 36, Knowledge (arcana) DC 36, Knowledge (nature) DC 36, Perform (dancing) DC 36, Perform (percussion instruments) DC 36, Perform (singing) DC 36, Spellcraf DC 36, Additionally all participants must have the Perception occult skill unlock or be benefiting from aura sight or similar magic or powers.
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw Will negates (harmless); Spell Resistance yes

Backlash The primary caster is exhausted, becomes afflicted with a lesser madnessHA, becomes vulnerable to [emotion] effects taking double the penalties inflicted by such effects, and suffers 1 point of Constitution drain; the primary caster may have this drain restored with magic as normal or by participating as a secondary caster in this ritual at a later time. If a caster participates in this ritual seven times (once as primary caster, and three times as a secondary caster fulfilling each of the elemental aspects of earth and fire) they gain the benefits of the ritual for themselves and reincarnate immediately upon being slain the next time they die. Magical beasts (with a CR equal to the subjects) are called toward the area of the ritual and are angered by its energies.

Failure The primary caster immediately is afflicted with a greater madnessHA and must make a successful Will save against the DC of the ritual or attempt to slay all other creatures that were involved (assuming the madnesses acquired allows them to act) while suffering the effects of the madness. So great is the feeling of hatred for those participating that the primary caster increases any attack or damage bonuses to harm them by a +2 circumstance modifier. The primary caster will hold the secondary casters and subject in emnity even after cured of the madness unless a separate instance of miracle or psychic surgeryOA is used to remove the feelings of antipathy and hatred. The subject is overwritten by an unintended past-life and is lost until healed via miracle or psychic surgeryOA.

Effect This ritual may only be cast on a target with a verified past-life or ancestral memory (GM determination) The ritual’s subject must either be tattooed with or wear a mask with a countenance evocative of their prior life’s existence. This ritual may only be cast by a living creature.

By means of this ritual, the caster may awaken the previous memories of the subject’s earlier existence. They are granted one feat that their prior self had access to and they still qualify for. They gain a second such feat if they are already or when first reaching 10th level. They gain a +2 circumstance bonus to any Knowledge skill or other Skill check directly connecting to a previous lifetime.

The ritual begins with the primary caster setting the subject with an elaborate mask or anointing tattoos with oils harvested deep within the woods.

When this is done, the subject is lowered into an open grave by the casters of the rite which is then filled in covering the body of the subject save for a small space allowing them to breathe.

The secondary casters then take sides forming two crescents flanking the entombed subject. Those attuned to fire dance wildly to evoke the power of life and flame from the light infused soil of the orchard. Those tuned to earth beat two frenetic patterns of drum beats similar in rhythm to the timing of beating hearts. The beats are brought in and out of synch with one another to draw the ancient consciousness toward the one currently living within the subject.

At the subjects extremities are placed an amount of Elemental matter (no less than 7 pounds). Each element corresponds to marked limb: Earth for Incarnate, Water for Time, Air for Mind, and Fire for Pyre. These elements are then systematically destroyed, fouled, or otherwise taken from their pure state to a state magically unrecognizable from their original.

The mask or tattoos ignite below the surface of the earthen tomb. Light-infused fire seeps into the mind and soul of the being and ignites a link between the life that was and the one that is. All casters observing the ritual monitor the lifeforce, aura, and body of the subject to make certain that the ritual does not kill them and that the intended past-life is brought forth.

The ritual concludes with the primary caster reaching an outstretched hand to the entombed subject who bursts forth to grasp the offered hand and return to the realm of the living. It takes 1d12 days for the subject to reconcile the flood of new information they are remembering and processing and until that time passes they are considered to have the staggered condition whenever forced into combat or stressful situations.

It is whispered that the ritual can be used more than once on the same subject but that the difficulty of doing so increases by a terrible degree (Increase all skill requisites by 10). The past-life awakened by backlash is instead an unwholesome creature from a forbidden realm or lost reality that is inimical to all Life and an enemy to the Ashlords. The magical beasts called by the ritual are considered mythic and have the advanced template applied. Rumor has it that this ritual was attempted on a prominent Ashlords leader when a kaiju was summoned into the docks area.

Binding of the Braided Tale [Booksealers]

School Transmutation; Level 8th
Casting Time 8 hours
Components V, S, M (Twin works of poetry or prose describing a theoretical hybrid character bearing attributes of both subjects penned in a ink derived from their mixed blood, favorite beverages, and 24 potions [8 potions of fox’s cunning, 8 potions of owl’s wisdom, and 8 potions of eagles splendor), F (4 portraits [one of each subject as a child and one as they are now], an elaborate tête-à-tête with mithral filigree, a pair of wine bottles with masterwork quality wine from the birth year of each subject, and another set of the same amount of the same potions, 444 feet of cord woven from planar spider silk, SC (minimum two; while there is no theoretical maximum of secondary casters to this ritual, they must always be added in multiples of 2.)
Skill Checks Craft (painting) DC 32, 1 success; Knowledge (arcana) DC 32; Perform (percussion instrument) DC 32, 1 success; Perform (oratory) DC 32, 1 success; Profession (vintner) DC 32, 1 successes; Profession (weaver) DC 32, 2 successes; Spellcraft DC 32, 1 success
Range two subjects in close range
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw Will negates; Spell Resistance no

Backlash The primary caster is exhausted and suffers a reversal of their alignment if not true neutral; the primary caster also automatically fails any Bluff skill checks against the subjects or secondary casters as that they can always slightly sense the caster’s emotions after the rituals bonding energies are released.

Failure The primary caster immediately suffers the effects of energy drain. The subject’s suffer volatile miscibility in their bodies. The imagined entity from the works manifests two copies as though each was created by a mirror of opposition with the GMs choice of levels from each of the subject and intent on destroying each subject and all casters involved in the ritual. The hybrid entities possesses all of the intended abilities of both subjects regardless of its final level composition.

Effect This ritual breaks down the barriers between two beings allowing them to blur knowledges and understanding. It may be cast on any day that anniversaries the subjects first meeting, or any significant date from before they met that is held in common between the subjects and/or a parent of each (one subjects father’s birthday if it is also the day the other’s parents were married or so on). The ritual must begin precisely four hours before sunset. This ritual may only be cast on creatures that are vulnerable to mind-affecting effects.

By means of this ritual, the subjects are bonded on a psychic level sharing fundamental skills and abilities. For every odd level the lowest level or hit die subject has, both subjects may select and gain either one spell, feat, psionic power, or sphere talent and a up to a single class skill that the other has. The subjects must still qualify for any of the abilities gained (this may cause shared spells or powers to shift levels). Additionally, because of the ongoing psychic link both subjects will immediately gain any condition the other has as soon as the other subject gains it (including dead).

The same is true for any mental ability damage, mental ability drain, or negative levels. Neither of the subjects may speak without the other allowing it. The ritual begins with the primary caster attuning the potions to the magically inked works of fiction extolling the shared attributes of the subjects as though they were a single being. The secondary casters sound out an elaborate timing of drums to sequence the ingestion of each of the potions by the subjects. Should the order be incorrect or the timing off between the subjects the ritual fails. The subjects must also make a Constitution check (DC 20) to hold down potions after the first ten.

A pair of secondary casters uses a single length of cord to weave an elaborate criss-cross around the four paintings of the subjects and the subjects themselves. After the nesting of cord is complete, the subjects drink the entire bottle of wine from the other subject’s birth year.

The ritual concludes with the primary caster igniting the written works and imbuing the essence of the co-mingled entity with the subjects. If the ritual is successful, the subjects are bonded and experience a profound shared understanding.

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