Seraph Planar Traits

The following are new Planar TraitsPRG:PA that can be found in realms connected to the city.

Surging Essence, Minor

This realm is blanketed with the diffuse akashic echoes of its past generations and eternal spirits. Any character with an essence pool can spend a full-round action to gather this energy to gain 1 temporary essence for 1 minute. Using this temporary essence to summon a constellation causes the constellation to vanish when the temporary essence expires.

Surging essence that has a descriptor such as [fire] or [good] can only be invested in veils and abilities with those descriptors. Gathering surging essence that has an alignment descriptor is considered an act of the same descriptor and may have alignment consequences at the GM’s descretion. A nexus in a Plane or Realm that they have a convergence with is immune to alignment-based consequences of using essence from that plane.

Surging Essence, Major

This plane provides 2 points of essence when gathered. Aligned essence in these planes inflicts temporary alignment changes. These temporary shifts last as long as the temporary essence.

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