Seraph Psionic Maladies
The City of 7 Seraphs

Aboleth Fever Disease

Supernatural disease—special
Save Will DC 15; Onset 1 day; Frequency 3 days
Effect special; Cure 5 saves
Said to have been created by the aboleth and used to help pacify large populations, aboleth fever makes its victims highly suggestible. Sufferers have a -2 penalty on saves vs mind-affecting attacks, and an additional -2 if the source of that attack is an aberration (for a total of -4). Additionally the afflicted has to spend an additional power point to manifest powers or effects, as though affected by catapsi.

Anachronaut Fugue Disease

Supernatural disease—special
Save Fort DC 16; Onset 1 day; Frequency 1 day
Effect special; Cure 5 saves
Time manipulation can be a dangerous business for the awakened mind. Those who manipulate time or travel in time are sometimes left out of synch with their own existence.Those afflicted by anachronaut fugue suffer a -2 penalty to manifester levels of all powers and psi-like abilities until cured. Additionally they much succeed in a Spellcraft check (DC 10+ power level) in order to successfully manifest powers while afflicted. Special: Characters with levels in the time thief class may not use motes of time to affect the saving throw.

Empathic Psychocrystalization Disease

Supernatural disease—special
Save Will DC 15; Onset 1 day; Frequency 1 days
Effect special; Cure 3 saves
An uncommon malady causing the bearer’s psi-crystal to become infected with a radiating psychic aura of distorted persona enforcement. The GM may select one bonus from the options available to a psion to gain from their psi-crystal. This bonus is instead an aura applied as a penalty to all allies of the psion within 30 feet of them. The negative bleed from the psi-crystal can be resisted for 1d4 rounds by making a Will save against the effect against the DC of the illness. Each time the psi-crystal bearer fails a cure save the auras DC increases by +1.

Dimensional Feedback Loop Disease

Supernatural disease—special
Save Will DC 17; Onset 1 hour; Frequency daily
Effect special; Cure 3 consecutive saves
Repeated crossing of planar boundaries can sometimes create harmful harmonics in a person's personal energy. Visible arcs of actinic energy manifest along with the her powers dealing her 1 hit point of damage for every three power points spent.

Planar Shivers Disease

Supernatural disease—special
Save Fort DC 15; Onset 1d4 days; Frequency special
Effect 1d6 psionic power points + special; Cure 3 saves
Contracted by repeatedly crossing planar barriers; the afflicted loses 1d6 power points each time the she moves from one plane of existence to another. Additionally, the first time the afflicted tries to use a psionic power or psi-like ability after moving to a new plane she must make a concentration check (DC 20) in order to manifest the power. If the power fails to manifest the power points are still spent. Subsequent manifestations are made as normal. The means of moving from plane to plane is not pertinent, it can be via magic, psionics, gates, portals, stargates, or other means.

Starfarer’s Syndrome Disease

Supernatural disease—special
Save Will DC 15; Onset 1 week; Frequency 3 days
Effect special; Cure 3 saves
The isolation of the deep dark spaces between the stars imparts a certain dissonance to some awakened minds. Manifesters of psionic powers and casters of psychic spells are the only ones vulnerable to this malady. Until cured they lose the use of one randomly determined power/spell known of the highest level they can manifest/cast. In addition they suffer a -2 penalty to saves vs. effects of a psionic or psychic nature.

Umbralytic Heterostasis Disease

Supernatural disease—special
Save Will DC 16; Onset 1 hour; Frequency 1 days
Effect special; Cure 5 saves
This insidious degenerative condition can impact nomads and egoists who frequent the Shadow Planes most negatively aligned regions. After contracting this condition the psion suffers a 5% chance to be unreal after for 1 minute using a psychoportation or psycometabolic effect. This causes them to fail the impact anything for a the round the effect takes hold. To observers they have begun to flicker rapidly in and out of existance often leaving only tracers of darkness echoing motions and actions. Each time an afflicted individual fails to resist the disease the percent worsens by 5% causing them to fade from reality more and more often. Those that reach 100% before resisting the disease fade away becoming a shadowB1 haunting the environs of their death. Some psions cease using their abilities for years after contracting this illness as they try to cling to life.

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