Seraph Veils
The City of 7 Seraphs

The following veils are occasionally used within the city. Some veils are specific to certain organizations and have membership in that organization as a prerequisite; these veils are marked as such.

Bindings of the Obliged [Hands of Burden]

Descriptors Force
Class Eclipse, Nexus, Vizier
Slot Wrists
Saving Throw Will
“Let my dutiful burden serve to remind all of the weight of living, and punish those who seek to flee this or any obligation.”

Shaping these dark iron chains linked with weighted medallions and karkeroi bestows a crippling amount of weight on the veilweaver which amplifies outward as ghostly chains attaching to creatures in the area around them for 30 feet. These chains act as though a masterwork buckler for the veilweaver and reduce all movement speeds of enemies within by half. Enemies may ignore this movement restriction by taking 3d6 points of magical slashing damage tearing the chains free when they start their movement at the beginning of any round or as soon as they enter the area movement speed reduction. This damage never occurs more than once a turn The veilweaver is considered to have a light load for purposes of encumbrance unless already more encumbered. Movement penalties and damage taken from this veil is considered are force-effects and can impact creatures with the incorporeal subtype.

For each point of essence invested in this veil, the radius of the chains movement restrictions increases by 5 feet and an additional 5 feet penalty is applied to the modified speed (to a minimum of 0 feet). The damage of removing the chains increases by 1d6. For every two points of essence invested the veilweaver’s encumbrance increases by another load category up to a maximum of heavy.

Chakra Bind (Wrists) [E8, N8, V8]
Binding this veil to the Wrists allows the veilweaver to use a standard action to hurl masses of chained karkeroi at enemies within 60 feet. The targeted creature must make a Will save against the veil. If they fail, they inflicted with the effects of a slow spell and their encumbrance increases as though they were on load category higher. A creature may be impacted by more than one instance of this ability though only their encumbrance category increases. A target may not be increased above heavy load. For every category increased your encumbrance category decreases. For every category your encumbrance lightens above light load, the carrying capacity of a heavy load increases as though your strength was one point higher.

Mobius Ribbon [Steamstriders]

Descriptors none
Class Radiant
Slot Hands, Headband, Belt
Saving Throw see text
This shimmering silver ribbon appears to fold on itself seamlessly, creating an infinite loop.

While this veil is shaped, you can use a standard action to choose one instantaneous non-extraordinary effect that occurred since your last turn within 30 feet of you. This effect occurs once more with no further resource expenditure required. If this effect specified a target, it must have the same target. If it affected an area, it must affect the same area. Any d20 rolls (such as attack rolls, saving throws, or caster level checks) made as part of the effect must be rolled again, using the same bonuses as the original effect, but non-d20 rolls (such as damage rolls) remain the same as the first iteration. After using this veil’s ability, it cannot be used again for 1d4+3 rounds, and it cannot be used on another veilweaver’s Mobius ribbon.

For every point of essence invested in this veil, the amount of time between uses is reduced by 1 (to a minimum result of 1).

Chakra Bind (Hands) [R3]
When you use this veil’s ability, instead of repeating an instantaneous effect, you may choose one ongoing non-permanent and non-extraordinary effect within 30 feet. That effect has its duration increased by 1 round, +1 round for every 2 points essence invested in this veil.

Chakra Bind (Headband) [R9]
When you use this veil’s ability, you may choose a new target or area that would have been valid when it first occurred. It affects that area instead, and you may choose one non-d20 roll made as part of it to be rerolled.

Chakra Bind (Belt) [R15]
When you use this veil’s ability, you may choose to use it as a full-round action. When you do so, you may spend your next full-round action to cause it to repeat again, using the same parameters as normal for this veil. You may continue doing so until you either don’t use your full-round action to do so, or you do this a number of times on the same effect equal to 1 + the amount of essence invested in this veil.

Pneumatic Module [Steamstriders]

Descriptors none, see text
Class Radiant
Slot Head, Neck, Body
Saving Throw none, see text
This brass mechanism hisses with pressurized steam, and quickly shapes itself around the bearer’s body, pistons ready to fire.

While this veil is shaped, you gain a +2 bonus to CMB when attempting bull rush maneuvers, as well as any rolls that function as such. Additionally, when a creature fails to exceed your CMD when attempting to bull rush you, or fails to beat your AC when making a bludgeoning melee attack against you, you may attempt to bull rush it as an immediate action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

For every point of essence invested in this veil, the bonus to CMB when attempting a bull rush maneuver increases by +1.

Chakra Bind (Head) [R6]
While this veil is bound to your head chakra, you can use your passion to strike back at those who would break it. Whenever you succeed at a Will save against a fear or emotion effect that originated from a creature within 50 ft., plus 10 ft. for every point of essence invested in this veil, make a combat maneuver check to bull rush that creature. If you succeed, you bull rush them at range without needing to move, and they must make a Reflex save with a DC equal to the result of your CMB check or be knocked prone. Using this chakra bind gives the veil the air descriptor.

Chakra Bind (Neck) [R12]
While this veil is bound to the neck chakra, you gain a bonus to AC against rolls to confirm critical threats equal to 4 plus the amount of essence invested in this veil. Whenever a creature threatens a critical threat against you, but fails to confirm it, you can use an immediate action to take note of their weak spots. The next combat maneuver check you make to bull rush that creature before the end of your next turn uses your veilweaver level and veilweaving ability modifier in place of your base attack bonus and strength when determining CMB, and you do not have to move with the creature to bull rush them farther than 5 feet.

Chakra Bind (Body) [R18]
While this veil is bound to the body chakra, you gain a bonus to AC and CMD equal to 3 + the amount of essence invested in this veil. This bonus is one of armor, deflection, or shield bonus, whichever is most advantageous, but applies even when flat-footed and against touch attacks. Whenever you use this veil’s ability to make a bull rush attempt as an immediate action, you make the bull rush attempt against as many creatures as desired within 10 feet, +5 feet for every point of essence invested. You make a single bull rush check and compare it to the CMD of all creatures selected. You do not need to move with any of them, and you push them an additional 5 feet for every 3 by which you beat the DC.

Runes of the Keketar [Cocoon Pact]

Descriptors Chaos
Class Nexus, Vizier
Slot Head, Body
Saving Throw Special
“The lyrics of the Roil’s song are painted around my being wilting reality’s rules like flowers forgotten.”

Crowned by the writhing, sacred glyph-notes of primal chaos your being is empowered by their shifting prismatic hues. You develop a minor ability to shape reality to attack your foes imagining hostile changes to the reality around them. Rocks fall from fissures in space, wind-shears freeze, or bodies erupt in spontaneous combustion as the protean glyphs of shaping flare and twist. As a standard action, you may force an opponent within 60 feet to make a Will save. If they fail, they take 2d6 of damage of the energy or physical type of your choice. If they succeed the save they take only 1 point of damage per die you would have rolled.

For each point of essence invested in this veil, the damage of your imagined attacks increases by 1d6. For every three points of essence invested the damage inflicted when a target wins the opposed Will save is increased by 1 point per die that would have been rolled to a maximum value of 5.

Chakra Bind (Head) [N6, V6]
Binding this veil to your Head increases your ability to focus and manipulate reality. For every 2 points of essence invested in Runes of the Keketar you may target an additional creature with a different imagined attack. Each creature must be within 15 feet of another creature. You may not imagine the same damage type more than once.

Chakra Bind (Body) [N20, V20]
In addition to the effects of the Head bind, binding this veil to your Body charges you with the primal essence of the Roil causing miniature warpwaves to erupt from you whenever you are struck for damage by a melee attack. The attacker and up to 1d4 adjacent creatures of your choosing are impacted by the released energies and must make a successful Fortitude save or be affected as though by a protean’s warpwave. A creature successfully saving against the warpwave is immune to further triggers of this ability for 1d4 rounds.

Talons of the Roil [Cocoon Pact]

Descriptors Chaos
Class Daevic, Eclipse, Nexus
Slot Wrists
Saving Throw Fortitude
“I have seeded the power of change within these claws and now they will work one FINAL change on you.”

Shimmering and iridescent, these talons allow you a measure of the proteans disregard for reality and aptitude for twisting space. They may tear at the weight of gravity and find weakness where there is none. When you shape this veil your hands gain a pair of claws that can be used as natural weapons dealing 1d6 damage each (1d4 for Small characters, 1d8 for Large). The critical threat range and multiplier of the claws is 19–20/x2. These claws allow you to ignore critical and precision immunity 5% of the time. Additionally, critical reduction and fortification effects are reduced by 5% of their effectiveness.

If instead of attacking with the claws you make a movement with a standard action 10 feet of your movement may ignore gravity as though you had flight with perfect maneuverability. If you end your turn without another means of remaining in your space, you fall as normal.

You gain an insight bonus equal on attack rolls made to confirm a critical threat for each point of essence invested in this veil. You also gain an insight bonus equal to the invested essence on damage rolls made as part of a critical hit. (This extra damage is also multiplied for the critical hit.) Your chance to ignore critical immunity and mitigation increase by 5% and you may move an additional 5 feet of your movement when ignoring gravity for each point of essences invested in this veil.

Chakra Bind (Wrists) [D7, E12, N8]
You gain the ability to charge your talons with the shifting energies of the Roil. Once per round as a free action you can infuse your claw attack with the power of a warpwave for one 1 round per essence invested in this veil. On a critical hit, the target of this attack must make a successful Fortitude save or be affected as though by a protean’s warpwave.

In addition, increase the critical threat range and multiplier of the claws to 18–20/x3. Once you have discharged this ability you may not charge your claws again for 1d4 rounds. You may only use this ability a number of times per day equal to your veilweaving modifier.

Warpwave Effects
d20 Warpwave effect
1 Target takes 2 Strength damage.
2 Target takes 2 Dexterity damage.
3 Target takes 2 Constitution damage.
4 Target takes 2 Intelligence damage.
5 Target takes 2 Wisdom damage.
6 Target takes 2 Charisma damage.
7 Target gains 1 negative level.
8 Target is blinded or deafened for 1d4 rounds.
9 Target is confused for 1d4 rounds.
10 Target is entangled by filaments of energy for 1d4 rounds.
11 Target becomes fatigued (or exhausted if already fatigued).
12 Target becomes nauseated for 1d4 rounds.
13 Target is stunned for 1d4 rounds.
14 Target is sickened for 1d4 rounds.
15 Target is staggered for 1d4 rounds.
16 Target gains 4d6 temporary hit points.
17 Target is affected by a heal spell (CL = protean’s CR).
18 Target is turned to stone.
19 Target is affected by baleful polymorph (CL = protean’s CR).
20 Portions of target’s body burst with energy of a random type (choose between acid, cold, electricity, or fire), dealing 4d6 points of damage of the appropriate type to the target.

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