Seraph Vizier Attunements
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The City of 7 Seraphs

Path of the Scholar

Viziers who follow the path of the scholar are often trained in great libraries or academic colleges, often trained alongside wizards or clerics who worship gods of knowledge.

Academy Trained: Starting at 1st level, the vizier adds 1/2 his class level (minimum 1) on all Knowledge skill checks, and may make all Knowledge skill checks untrained. In addition, the vizier gains Scribe Scroll as a bonus feat, treating his class level as his caster level, gains read magic as an at-will spell-like ability, and may transcribe a magical scroll from any scroll or spell book he has access to. Scrolls crafted in this manner can be either arcane or divine based on the source material (for example, scrolls crafted from a spell book would generally be arcane, while a scroll crafted using a divine scroll or other holy text would be divine).

Expert Veilshifting (Su): Starting at 5th level the vizier gains 1 additional use of his veilshifting ability (increasing the number of veils he can reshape with a single use by 1 as normal), and may automatically bind one of his reshaped veils as part of the veilshifting ability. At 9th and 13th level, the vizier gains one additional use of his veilshifting ability and may automatically bind one additional veil shaped with the veilshifting ability. Viziers with the chakra rebirth class feature may use veilshifting as a swift action, reassigning their essence as part of the veilshifting process.

Akashic Records (Su): Followers of the path of the scholar who reach 19th level gain the ability to create an extraplanar library capable of retaining all of their collected knowledge, as though they had cast lesser create demiplaneUM with a caster level of 20 and the permanency spell. This library is also capable of supporting a small staff of scholars and librarians, providing lodging and enough food, water, and air for up to 10 creatures. The vizier may transfer himself and up to 9 other willing creatures adjacent to him from their current location to this library and back as a full round action, similar to the plane shift spell.

This library is automatically stocked with every piece of information the vizier has ever learned, including books and tomes he can use with his academy trained ability and Scribe Scroll feat to scribe magical scrolls of any spell he has read. Whenever the vizier reads a new scroll, book, tome, or other medium used to store and convey information, a tome containing that information magically appears on the shelves of his library. These tomes instantly dissolve and reappear on the appropriate shelf if they are taken outside of the library. While within the confines of his library, the vizier may use his records and references to enhance his research, doubling the bonus to Knowledge checks granted by his academy trained class feature; this does not stack with any other bonuses for using a library with records in a related field.

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