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The City of 7 Seraphs


2nd—burning hands, 4th—pyrotechnics, 6th—fireball, 8th—firefall, 10th—fire snake, 12th—contagious flame, 14th—firebrand, 16th—incendiary cloud, 18th—fiery body


2nd—shocking grasp, 4th—aggressive thundercloud, 6th—lightning bolt, 8th—ball lightning, 10th—lightning arc, 12th—chain lightning, 14th—magnetic field, 16th—stormbolts, 18th—ride the lightning


2nd—damp powder, 4th—protection from technology, 6th—discharge, 8th—rebuke technology, 10th—destroy robot, 12th—antitech field, 14th—magnetic field, 16th—remove radioactivity, 18th—antipathy


2nd—alter winds, 4th—gust of wind, 6th—wind wall, 8th—fickle winds, 10th—suffocation, 12th—control winds, 14th—wind walk, 16th—whirlwind, 18th—winds of vengeance

City of 7 Seraphs by Lost Spheres Publishing
Aegis Aethernaut Echo
Eclipse Nexus Radiant
Shadow Weaver Sphereshaper Theurge
Ceptu Judow Mirrorkin Rhyzala Shadow Fey Veryx
Luminous Organizations
Ashlords Children of Dreams Everlasting Dawn Foreseers House of Prominence Steamstriders
Neutral Organizations
Cocoon Pact Descendants of Thunder
Umbral Organizations
Blackswords Booksealers Church of Coin Frozen Graves Hands of Burden Scarlet Sovereignty
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