Shepherd Of The Lost
The Gravecaller's Handbook
The shepherd of the lost collects their flock, giving them form, and ultimately guides them to their last goodbyes. They call to the lost and forlorn, the angry and malcontent to aid them, giving them form and purpose to serve the shepherd of the lost and protect the flock. Shepherds of the lost are welcome among psychopomps and often worship or emulate the Ferryman of Styx, striving to carry those closer to their final rest.

Guide to the Lost

At 1st level, the shepherd of the lost gains the incanter Death sphere sub-specialization guide of the dead. The shepherd of the lost treats her soul weaver level as her incanter level when determining the benefits of this sphere specialization.

A housed soul raised by the shepherd of the lost can be healed by the soul weaver’s positive energy abilities and sphere effects. For more information on housed souls, see the sidebar on housed souls included with the Death sphere sub-specialization guide of the dead.

This ability replaces master of life and death and summon spirit II and V.

For Their Flock (Su)

The shepherd of the lost gains the following abilities at the indicated levels, granting her new ways to interact with her bound nexus souls or housed soul. These abilities are otherwise treated as additional bound nexus abilities.

Not Alone

At 4th level, any ally sharing its space with a shepherd of the lost’s soul gains a +2 circumstance bonus on saving throws against death, fear, and negative energy effects and the shepherd of the lost is aware of any conditions affecting that creature as though using the Life sphere Diagnose talent.

Pull From The River

At 12th level, the shepherd of the lost may expend a soul as a swift action to temporarily gain a Death sphere talent she qualifies for. She retains access to this talent for 1 minute per soul weaver level or until she uses this ability again.

The Endless Journey

At 16th level, when the shepherd of the lost’s housed soul would be reduced to 0 hit points and destroyed, you may expend a soul to save them from destruction.

The housed soul gains a number of temporary hit points equal to 5 times your soul weaver level before taking any damage. If the housed soul is not destroyed, any remaining temporary hit points from this ability are lost and the housed soul is healed for a number of hit points equal to 5 times your soul weaver level. The shepherd of the lost may use this ability as a free action that can be taken even when it is not her turn, but may only use this ability once per hour.

This ability replaces summon spirit I, III, and IV.

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