Some cartomancers don't really see their profession from a fortunetelling point of view. Such shysters believe themselves to be masters of the fixation of probability, be that anything from gambling to freak wind shear on an incoming arrow. If chance exists, it can be rigged.

Shysters have the following class features:

Monty Deck (Ex): At 2nd level, a shyster gains the Three Card Monty feat as a bonus feat. She does not need to meet its prerequisites.

This ability replaces seals.

The Monty Shuffle (Ex): At 3rd level, a shyster gains the The Monty Shuffle feat as a bonus feat. She does not need to meet its prerequisites. The Monty Shuffle gains the following text.

Special: The Monty Shuffle only functions on the first Monty deck the shyster uses each day. All subsequent Monty decks are set aside, as detailed in this feat's Normal: text.

Build-a-Monty (Su): Starting at 5th level, if the shyster has at least one lesser portent and two least portents in her discard pile, she may spend 3 fate points as a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity. If she does, she removes one lesser portent and two least portents from her discard pile and makes a new Monty deck out of them.

Maximum Monty (Ex): Starting at 6th level, whenever the shyster prepares her decks for the day, she may expend 2 fate points. If she does, she prepares an additional Monty deck that day. At 10th level and 18th level, the shyster may expend a further 2 fate points to prepare another Monty deck, to a maximum of up to three additional Monty decks at a cost of 6 fate points at 18th level.

Monty Reclamation (Su): Starting at 14th level, whenever the shyster uses a Monty deck, put all of that Monty deck's uncast portents into her hand and set the rest aside as normal. If this is the first Monty deck of the day, The Monty Shuffle triggers, placing all cast portents into the discard pile while allowing all uncast portents to enter the shyster's hand.

The shyster may exceed her maximum hand size with this ability.

FAQ: The Full Monty

A cartomancer's Monty deck is entirely separate from her active deck. For this reason, the following interactions all take place.

1: Cards cannot be in two decks at once; therefore, any cards used in the Monty deck cannot also be used in the active deck.

2: The active deck and the Monty deck use different deckbuilding restrictions. For example, a cartomancer must be 11th level to add duplicate least portents to the active deck. Since this only applies to the active deck, a 2ndlevel shyster can add duplicate least portents to her Monty deck.

3: Once used, the Monty deck is set aside. It does not go into the discard pile, and it does not get shuffled into the active deck. (As always, see feats.)

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