Slime Savant

While most scholars delve into a variety of different scientific fields, slime savants specialize in the study, creation, and manipulation of the unusual creatures known as oozes. The slime savants study into these enigmatic life forms gives her unusual facility for handling them, allowing her to exert a form of control over them that defies much of the science of oozes as most other sages and scholars understand it.

Esoteric Alchemy: The slime savant gains the Alchemy and Beastmastery spheres as bonus combat talents at 1st level. She must select the (handle animal) package and gains the Monster Tamer drawback, selecting the ooze type.

If she already possesses the (handle animal) Beastmastery package, she instead gains the Broad Skills talent. If she already possesses the Beastmastery sphere but not the (handle animal) package, she gains Extra Beastmastery Package and the (handle animal) package with the drawback as above.

This replaces problem solver.

Ooze Handler (Ex): Through extensive study and practice, the slime savant has acquired an impressive understanding of the stimulus/response reactions of oozes. She uses her Intelligence modifier on Handle Animal checks made on creatures of the ooze type. When handling or pushing a creature of the ooze type with the Handle Animal skills, a slime savant may handle or push additional creatures of that type equal to her Intelligence modifier, using the longest action type required for the included creatures.

This replaces careful packer.

Ooze Expertise: At 2nd level, a slime savant gains the ooze material imposition.

At 3rd level, the slime savant may maintain a number of active oozes granted by the ooze material imposition equal to her intelligence modifier. Attempting to activate an ooze in excess of this number causes the a previous ooze of the her choice to immediately return to its vial. Additionally, she may grow a number of oozes during an eight hour rest equal to her Intelligence modifier.

This replaces the scholar’s knack gained at 2nd level and the material imposition gained at 3rd level.

Oozecrafter: A slime savant of at least 6th level may gain the Craft Ooze feat as a bonus feat in place of a scholar’s knack even if she does not meet the prerequisites. When crafting an ooze, the ooze has a starting disposition towards the slime savant of friendly.

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