Soaring Blade
Ultimate Spheres of Power
An armorist who takes to heart that the battle is not won through strength of arm, but by skill and strength of mind, accepts the first tenet of the path of the soaring blade. By mastering telekinesis alongside the magic of an infinite armory, the soaring blade becomes a one-man army.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

A soaring blade is proficient with simple and martial weapons and light armor. This replaces the normal armorist weapon and armor proficiency.

The Soaring Blade

A soaring blade gains the Telekinesis sphere as a bonus talent and uses her soaring blade level as her caster level with the Telekinesis sphere. However, she also gains the Limited Telekinesis drawback, selecting her bound equipment and summoned equipment as her ‘material’. She may buy off this drawback normally by spending a magic talent, but she may only use her class level as her caster level in situations where this drawback would apply. If she already possesses this sphere, she does not gain this drawback.

Summon Equipment (Su)

When a soaring blade summons equipment, she may conjure them anywhere within her telekinesis range. A soaring blade may not summon shields or armor.

This alters summon equipment.

Bound Equipment (Su)

A soaring blade may summon her bound equipment anywhere within her telekinesis range, and equipment lifted by a soaring blade’s telekinesis counts as being in her hands, and does not disappear. A soaring blade may not bind shields, armor, or implements.

This alters bound equipment.

Steel Sentries (Su)

At 3rd level the soaring blade gains the Dancing Weapon talent as a bonus talent. If she already possesses the Dancing Weapon talent or - if gained through this class feature - later spends a magic talent, she adds her casting ability modifier to the number of additional attacks of opportunity she may make, but only with a weapon she has lifted with her telekinesis.

At 7th level and every four levels thereafter the soaring blade gains the ability to make an additional attack of opportunity each round, to a maximum of + 4 at level 19.

This ability counts as the Combat Reflexes feat for the purposes of prerequisites.

This ability replaces armor training.

House of Blades

At 5th level, a soaring blade gains Divided Mind as a bonus Telekinesis talent and Group Summons as a bonus arsenal trick. If she already possesses either of these, she may gain a different talent or arsenal trick, respectively.

This replaces bind implement.

Arsenal Tricks

The soaring blade cannot select the heavy armor, movement, or tower shield arsenal tricks. She gains exclusive access to the following arsenal tricks:

This alters arsenal tricks.

Blade Swarm (requires soaring blade 4)

The soaring blade’s blades whirl around her enemies from all directions, their speed and ferocity limited only by the imagination of her wielder. When using Divided Mind to make multiple attacks, she may make an additional attack at her highest attack bonus.

Blade Wheel (requires soaring blade 4, Telekinesis sphere (Orbit))

The soaring blade forms a ring of blades around her that menace all comers. So long as she has at least one weapon in her orbit she may make a single attack of opportunity against one opponent within the reach of her orbiting weapons at the start of her turn. She must make this attack of opportunity with a weapon in her orbit.

Commander On High (requires soaring blade 8)

The soaring blade commands and directs her steel soldiers from above, drifting beyond the battlefield. She gains Flight as a bonus talent, and treats herself as a summoned weapon for the purposes of using and determining her caster level for telekinesis. This stacks normally with caster levels gained from other sources.

Flying Daggers

Items summoned with her bound equipment and summon equipment features count as one size category smaller for the purposes of her telekinesis size limit.

Phantasmal Barrage (Sp) (requires soaring blade 6)

Rather than summoning a single magic weapon, the soaring blade can call up flickering, fragile blades that last only for a moment, but with her telekinetic powers she makes that moment enough. By spending two spell points as a standard action, she may deal 1d6 slashing and piercing damage per caster level to all creatures in an area equal to one 5-foot cube per caster level, arranged contiguously within her telekinesis range. A successful Reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 her caster level + her casting ability modifier) halves this damage. This damage overcomes damage reduction as if it was magic and made of all materials she can make summoned equipment out of. Use her soaring blade level as her caster level for the purposes of this arsenal trick. This stacks normally with caster levels gained from other sources.

Protokinesis Feat

The soaring blade may select a protokinesis feat as a bonus feat. She must meet the prerequisites for this feat. This arsenal trick can be taken several times. Each time it is selected, she chooses another protokinesis feat.

Storm of Blades (Su) (requires soaring blade 16)

Exerting the soaring blade’s magic to its fullest extent, she creates a storm of blades that devastates her enemies. By spending two spell points and concentrating on her telekinesis as a full-round action she doubles the attacks she can make with Divided Mind in a round as if she were capable of taking two separate full attack actions.

Telekinetic Shieldbearer

The soaring blade gains proficiency with all shields (except tower shields) and may summon a shield with the summon equipment ability, or choose a shield as bound equipment.

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